14 Pound Vs 15 Pound Bowling Ball

If you want to exchange your 15-pound bowling ball with the 14-pound one, first, you must discover their differences. There’s a constant argument about the differences between the 14-pound bowling ball and the 15 pound. But, 14 pound bowling ball vs 15 pound bowling ball do they really have so many differences? Honestly, there are no vast differences between the 14-pound and 15-pound bowling balls. The manufacturer has designed and made the 13-15-pound bowling ball considering the same ages. Still, if you want to invest in a 14-pound bowling ball to lose some extra weight, drive into our article. We have made a deep comparison between the 14-pound and 15-pound bowling balls to contribute to your decision.

How Much Does the Average Bowling Ball Weigh?

A Bowling ball is a game for everyone regardless of caste, gender, and age. Even a small kid can play the game if he’s physically strong. But, how can a kid carry a 16-pound ball – when you’re searching, you’ll get a different answer. The average size of the bowling ball weighs from 6 – 16 pounds allowing the game to be all-aged. Indeed, you’ll know that the weight of your chosen bowling ball should be 10% of your weight. So, a 6 years kid who can’t carry the heavier ball can start to practice the classic game with a 6-pound ball. Nevertheless, ensure the kid is physically strong enough; otherwise, a misshape can happen while playing with the heavier bowling ball. Whereas the kids start with the lightweight bowling ball, the elders start their first practice with the 14-16-pounds balls. Whether you select a 14 or 15-pound ball depends on your strength, skill level, age, and weight.

14 pound vs 15 pound Bowling Ball – A Deep Comparison

Indeed, the bowling ball’s weight is most important for making a good score. That’s because the heavier the ball you get, the more hooks and potential scores you can make. However, the lightweight ball hooks less and can’t offer much traction to the ground. Having good traction with the ground is also crucial to successfully dropping the bowling pins at the first throw.

Here is the comparison of the 14 pound bowling ball Vs 15 pound bowling ball

Reaction Length

The 14-pound bowling ball is slightly longer than the 15-pound bowling ball. And it’s always easier to throw the longer bowling ball than the smaller ones. Contrarily, when comparing the size, the 15-pound ball is slightly smaller than the 14-pound bowling ball. So, the 15-pound bowling ball is somewhat tough to bowl to make the score.

Ball Speed

Besides having a good length, the 14-pound bowling balls are also lightweight compared to the 15-pound balls. Indeed, lightweight balls are easier to throw and get a good bowling speed. Nevertheless, your ability and strength are also crucial for producing the required spin for scoring. Undoubtedly, making good scores by dropping the bowling pins also depends on your bowling speed.


Obviously, the weight and length of the bowling ball affect the overall approach and spinning time. The lightweight and longer ball will reach earlier at the endpoint than the heavier and comparatively smaller ball.


Regarding bowling accuracy, the heavier bowling ball performs better than the lightweight bowling ball. That’s because the heavier ball doesn’t move here and there like the lightweight ones. Therefore, you’ll get reasonable control of your ball and make the right throw required for good scoring.

Hook Potential

The required number of hooks is vital for the success of your bowling score. And the heavier bowling ball features dynamic strength for creating better hooks than the lightweight balls. That’s why you’ll get more hooks with your 15-pound bowling ball compared to the 14-pound balls.


What Is the Heaviest Bowling Ball You Can Use?

The heaviest bowling ball that you can use for most leagues is 16 pounds. Nevertheless, it depends on your body capacity and how many loads you can take. As a beginner, you must start your bowling practice with a low-weighted bowling ball. However, it’s also a fact that the heavier ball performs better than the low-weighted bowling ball.

What Weight of Bowling Ball Should My Child Throw?

The small bowling player can’t deal with the heavier bowling ball because it’s beyond their capacity. Instead of a heavier bowling ball, the kids need to play with a ball that matches their age, and weight. Only then, the little champs can make a better shot compared to their age. Usually, an eight-year and six-year little player will play consecutively with the eight-pound and six-pound bowling ball.

What Is the Lowest Weight Bowling Ball?

The lowest-weight bowling ball is actually designed for young bowling players. Six pounds are the lowest-weight bowling ball that you’ll find on the market. It is the ball weight used by children and young adults. You should use a bowling ramp instead of 6 pounds if that is still too heavy for them.

Does Bowling Ball Weight Matter?

Yes, it changes your performance. A bowling ball should weigh 10 percent of your body weight (up to a maximum of 16 pounds), which means if you weigh 150 pounds, you shouldn’t be holding an 8-pound ball.

Why Are Bowling Balls Heavier Than Others?

The heavier bowling ball offers natural swings that are closely connected with the action of pins. Indeed, the natural swing is important to roll the ball and make your hit.

Bottom Line

In the standard bowling game, you’ll need to choose the bowling ball with the right weight. But, if you’re a novice bowling player, you must want to start your bowling practice with comparatively lighter balls. Our comparison of 14-pound bowling Vs 15-pound will help you to choose the right bowling ball. Whether you should get the 14-pound bowling ball, or move with your 15-pound ball, decide it yourself.

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