Best Bowling Ball For Tweener: What Is A Tweener Bowling Style?

Welcome to our comprehensive review on the best bowling ball for tweener bowlers! As bowlers ourselves, we understand the importance of finding the perfect ball that matches your style and skill level.

Our team has tested and reviewed various bowling balls to bring you the top options. We evaluated performance, versatility, and quality to help you make an informed decision. 

Whether you’re new or an expert gamer, this review offers helpful data. Let’s find the top choices for tweener bowlers right away!

What is a tweener bowling style? 

Are you ready to strike a unique style on the bowling alley? You need look no further than “tweener” bowling!

As one of the most versatile and adaptable approaches to the game, the tweener style is gaining popularity among bowlers of all skill levels. What does tweener bowling mean exactly?

A tweener is a bowler who uses a style between straight and hook-heavy bowling. Tweener style blends “down-and-in” and “cranker” styles. It’s a unique approach that combines elements of both traditional styles. 

A tweener positions themselves between a cranker and a straight-line bowler. Their controlled delivery with moderate revs and speed combines styles. 

They stand closer to the foul line but further back, creating a balanced approach. Tweener bowlers blend the best of both worlds for a smooth and controlled delivery.

The tweener style stands out for its adaptability, making bowlers highly versatile. They can conquer any lane pattern by adjusting ball speed, rev rate, and angle of attack. 

Tweener bowlers are invaluable in leagues and tournaments due to their versatility. They effortlessly handle various lane conditions with ease!

The tweener style is also helpful for bowlers looking to improve their game. Bowlers develop versatile skills by blending straight-line and cranker styles

Tweener bowlers learn to read lanes, adjust techniques, and make strategic decisions on-the-go. They hone their abilities to play different parts of the lane with ease.

The tweener style is not only effective, but also friendly and approachable. Tweener bowlers are laid-back, relaxed, and foster a friendly atmosphere on the lanes. Known for their sportsmanship and camaraderie, they make the game enjoyable and fun for all.

6 Best Best Bowling Ball for Tweener: Tested and reviewed

You should get the top Bowling Ball for Tweener. Here, we’ve selected a few top-notch options for you and reviewed them according to how effectively they worked. Choose the one that best suits you. Let’s start.

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

The Bowling Ball – the ultimate spare ball that boasts eye-catching colors and glows in the dark! This shiny plastic/polyester ball is great for improving spare shooting with its low hook potential. Perfect for people looking to improve their lane skills.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • The Brunswick Tzone offers eye-catching colors, with vibrant hues listed in the title.
  • The ball looks stunning under black lights, making it stand out on the lanes.
  • The Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball glows in the dark, adding fun and excitement.
  • The high gloss polish ensures a smooth roll, reducing friction for improved performance.
  • With low hook potential of 25, the Tzone is a great spare ball option for straight shots.
  • Designed for accuracy, it helps pick up tricky spares and increase overall score.


  • Eye-catching and vibrant colors.
  • Glows in the dark.
  • High gloss polish ensures a smooth roll down the lane.
  • Low hook potential
  • Makes it ideal for straight shots and picking up spares.
  • An affordable option for a spare ball. 
  • Suitable for all skill levels.


  • Limited hook potential may not be suitable for advanced bowlers who require a higher hook potential.

Best for: The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is best suited for beginner to intermediate bowlers.

User Experience: I love my Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball as my spare ball. Its vibrant colors and glow-in-the-dark features add excitement to my bowling experience. The high gloss polish ensures smooth and consistent rolls, improving my accuracy. 

The low hook potential helps me pick up tricky spares for a consistent game. The cheap price makes it a practical choice. Overall, I enjoy my bowling sessions even more with this reliable ball.

2. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball is perfect for entry-level bowlers or those seeking balance. It offers power and control with a unique light bulb core and R-16 reactive coverstock. This ball’s benchmark motion down the lane makes it ideal for medium-dry lanes..

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Light bulb core shape with medium RG/medium differential rating for a benchmark motion with power and control.
  • Reactive coverstock R-16 pearl slides between the heads and saves the pins’ energy.
  • Polished to a fine 500-grit Siaair/Royal Compound/Royal Shine finish for optimal performance on medium-dry lanes.
  • Perfect for entry-level bowlers or those looking for a ball that is not too reactive on dry or oily parts of the lane.
  • Provides a balanced combination of power and control for consistent and reliable performance.


  • This ball offers a balanced combination of power and control.
  • Unique light bulb core shape and R-16 reactive coverstock provide a benchmark motion down the lane.
  • Polished to a fine finish, making it suitable for medium-dry lanes.
  • Conserves energy for the pins, ensuring a strong hitting power.
  • Trusted brand with high customer satisfaction, indicating its reliability and performance.

Cons :

  • May not be ideal for advanced bowlers who prefer a more aggressive ball for heavy oil conditions.

Best for: The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball is best for entry-level bowlers or those looking for a versatile ball.

My comment: The Bowling Ball receives rave reviews from customers for its balanced performance. It’s a reliable choice for beginners or those seeking versatility. Although I haven’t used it personally, customer feedback indicates high satisfaction.

3. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

The Bowling Ball is a top-performing, entry-level option. It features high-performance Pyramid Technology for an improved bowling games. Equipped with New Era 139 Symmetric Core, it’s ideal for medium to medium-dry lane conditions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • The Path Rising has a pearl reactive coverstock that offers a clean look through the heads of the lane and a sharp ball reaction down the lane. 
  • The 1500-grit polish finish enhances performance, allowing for versatile and controllable motion.
  • The Path Rising offers versatile drilling options for different bowling styles. 
  • This allows you to customize the ball to your needs, optimizing your performance.
  • The Path Rising has an impressive Perfect Scale Rating, indicating its high performance. 
  • It’s a reliable choice for competitive bowlers and casual players alike.


  • Affordable Entry-Level Option.
  • Versatile Performance.
  • Pyramid Technology.
  • Path Rising offers a benchmark motion.
  • Customer Satisfaction.


  • Not Ideal for Heavy Oil Conditions.
  • Limited Finish Options.

Best for: This Bowling Ball is best for bowlers looking for an affordable entry-level option.

My verdict: I’m happy with my Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball’s performance. Versatile drilling options let me customize it to my style. Its affordability makes it suitable for casual and competitive bowlers alike. I’m highly recommended it.

4. Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball

The Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball is a legendary choice for bowlers. It features the iconic Gas Mask core and durable Carbon Fiber outer core for unmatched power. With Aggression Solid coverstock, it offers exceptional traction on medium to heavy lanes. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Gas Mask core offers unparalleled power and pin-crushing performance on the lanes. 
  • Aggression Solid coverstock ensures optimal traction on medium to heavy oil conditions. 
  • Carbon Fiber outer core provides exceptional durability for a long-lasting investment. 
  • Classic black and red colors pay homage to the original Black Widow ball. 
  • Versatile performance on medium to heavy oil lane conditions for bowlers of varying skill levels.


  • Aggressive and continuous ball motion for high scores.
  • Durable Carbon Fiber outer core for long-lasting performance.
  • Retains traction in medium to heavy oil conditions.
  • The classic black and red color scheme adds a touch of nostalgia.
  • Versatile performance for different skill levels.


  • May be too aggressive for dry lane conditions.
  • Higher price point compared to other bowling balls.

Best for: This Bowling Ball is best for bowlers who are looking for a high-performance ball with aggressive traction.

User Experience: My friend loved the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball as a gift. Aggressive ball motion and traction improved his performance on medium to heavy oil lanes. 

Carbon Fiber outer core showed durability after multiple games. He highly recommends it to fellow bowlers seeking high-performance and durability.

5. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

The Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball is legendary with hybrid coverstock and Carbon Fiber Infused inner core. It offers aggressive performance, maximum backend movement, and durability.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Black Widow Legend has a hybrid coverstock for enhanced performance on the lanes.
  • Gas Mask core provides strong backend motion and powerful strikes.
  • Carbon Fiber Infused inner core adds strength and durability to the ball.


  • Aggressive polished coverstock for maximum backend movement.
  • Hybrid coverstock offers versatility for different lane conditions.
  • Carbon Fiber Infused inner core for added strength and durability.
  • 3-years warranty showcases the ball’s durability and performance.


  • May be too aggressive for bowlers with lower rev rates or less experience.

Best for: Bowlers looking for a high-performance ball with aggressive backend motion and durability.

My Experience: As a user of Hammer Black Widow Legend, I can vouch for its exceptional lane performance. Aggressive polished coverstock and Gas Mask core deliver powerful strikes with backend movement. 

Carbon Fiber Infused inner core adds durability, backed by a 3-year warranty for peace of mind. Requires skill and technique to fully utilize, and may not be suitable for less experienced bowlers.

6. Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball

The Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball features innovative core and coverstock technology. Fast-revving shape and solid reactive coverstock provide a unique advantage on the lane. 

Allows bowlers to perform well on challenging sections for improved performance. Offers an advantage on sections that are normally avoided for a competitive edge.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Innovative Velocity Core evens out backend reaction for consistent results on the lane.
  • TX-16 Solid Reactive Coverstock enhances performance on difficult sections with a powerful motion.
  • Unique coupling of Core and Coverstock creates a synergistic effect for unmatched performance.
  • The next phase of innovation in bowling ball technology is to give bowlers an edge in their game.


  • Consistent backend reaction without over-reaction due to the innovative Velocity Core.
  • Solid Reactive coverstock leaves a remarkable footprint on the lane.
  • The synergistic coupling of core and coverstock generates a powerful motion for improved results.
  • Represents the latest innovation in bowling ball technology, providing bowlers with an edge in their game.
  • Positive customer reviews attest to Phaze II’s performance and effectiveness on the lane.


  • Availability and pricing may vary depending on location and retailer.

Best For: Bowlers seeking cutting-edge bowling balls with innovative technology for enhanced performance.

My view: Positive customer reviews highlight Phaze II’s effectiveness and innovation. Making it a top choice for serious bowlers, although I haven’t used it personally.

Best Bowling Ball for Tweener: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Tweener bowlers require a specialized bowling ball to optimize their performance on the lanes. The wide array of market options can be overwhelming. 

The perfect bowling ball can significantly impact a tweener bowler’s game. Tweener bowlers fall between straight and hook bowlers and have unique style requirements.

1. Bowling Ball Coverstock

Coverstock is the outer shell of the bowling ball, and it plays a crucial role in determining how the ball will react on the lane. For tweener bowlers, a versatile coverstock that offers a good balance between grip and glide is essential. Here are the main types of coverstocks to consider:

Reactive Resin: Reactive resin coverstocks offer strong hook potential for tweener bowlers seeking backend reaction. They balance traction and length with a combination of reactive resin and urethane materials.

Hybrid: Hybrid coverstocks combine reactive resin and solid, offering the best of both worlds. They have moderate hook potential, ideal for tweener bowlers on changing lanes.

Pearl: Pearl coverstocks smoothly glide through the front part of the lane, with a sharp backend reaction. They suit tweener bowlers who seek length and strong backend reaction on dry or medium-dry lanes.

2. Core Type

The core of the bowling ball determines its weight distribution and affects the ball’s overall motion. For tweener bowlers, a symmetric core is typically recommended, as it provides a balanced reaction on the lanes. Here are the main types of core shapes to consider:

Pancake Core: Pancake cores are symmetric cores with a flat shape, providing a consistent and controllable roll. They are suitable for tweener bowlers who want a smooth and predictable ball motion.

Symmetric Core: Symmetric cores come in different shapes like pearl, solid, and hybrid. They offer versatility and balance for tweener bowlers on different lanes. Symmetric pearls, solids, and hybrids are versatile for varying lane conditions. They’re ideal for tweener bowlers seeking balanced reactions from their bowling ball.

Asymmetric Core: Asymmetric cores are more advanced and offer a higher level of hook potential. However, they can be more challenging to control, and they may not be suitable for all tweener bowlers. Experienced tweener bowlers often prefer pearl coverstocks for their strong backend reaction.

3. Weight of the Ball

The weight of the bowling ball is an essential factor to consider when selecting the best ball for tweener players. The weight of the ball should match your physical strength and playing style. 

Most tweener bowlers typically use bowling balls that weigh between 12 to 15 pounds. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right weight:

Physical Strength: 

Smaller build or lack strength? Choose lighter bowling ball, like 12-14 lbs, for control.Lighter ball helps with accuracy and control on the lanes.

Consider your physical strength when selecting a bowling ball weight.

Moderate Physical Strength:

Moderate strength? Opt for 14-15 lbs bowling ball for balanced control and power.

Bowling ball weight between 14-15 lbs provides a good balance of control and power.

Find the right bowling ball weight based on your physical strength level.

Strong Physical Strength: If you have a strong build and good physical strength, you can consider a bowling ball that weighs 15 pounds or higher. A heavier ball can generate more power and hook potential, but it may require more effort to control.

4. Grip and Finger Holes

Having a proper grip on the bowling ball is crucial for a tweener bowler to achieve accuracy and control. The finger holes should fit comfortably and allow you to release the ball smoothly. Here are some tips to consider for grip and finger holes:

Custom Fit: It’s highly recommended to get a custom-fit bowling ball that is drilled specifically for your hand. This ensures a comfortable and secure grip, which can greatly impact your performance.

Finger Hole Size: The size of the finger holes should be appropriate for your finger size. They should neither be too tight nor too loose, allowing you to have a firm grip without straining your fingers.

Finger Inserts: Finger inserts are removable and interchangeable inserts that can be used to adjust the size of the finger holes. They can provide additional comfort and customization for your grip.

5. Lane Conditions

Consider the lane conditions where you primarily bowl when choosing a bowling ball. Different coverstocks and core types perform differently on different lane conditions. Here are some tips to consider:

Dry Lanes: If you primarily bowl on dry lanes, a pearl coverstock with a high gloss polish can provide length and a strong backend reaction.

Medium Lanes: Choose a hybrid or reactive resin coverstock with moderate texture for balanced length and hook.

Heavy Lanes: Opt for a solid reactive resin coverstock with a strong core for heavy oil patterns.

6. Budget

When buying a bowling ball, setting a budget is crucial. Consider a ball that offers the best value for your money within your budget. Keep in mind that investing in a higher-quality ball can improve performance and durability.

7. Brand and Reviews

Check brand reputation and customer reviews for the best ball for tweener players. Choose trusted brands known for quality. Read reviews for insights on performance, durability, and satisfaction.

To pick a ball for tweener players, consider coverstock, core, weight, grip, lane conditions, budget, and brand. Look for a ball that suits your style and balances grip, glide, hook, and control. Consider tips and factors to make an informed decision for improved performance. Have a blast bowling!


What is a Tweener in bowling?

A Tweener in bowling is someone who falls between the categories of a stroker and a cranker. They typically have medium ball speed and medium rev rate.

What kind of bowling ball is best for a Tweener?

A bowling ball with a medium RG (radius of gyration) and medium differential is ideal for a Tweener. It should also have a coverstock that provides a moderate level of hook potential.

Can a Tweener use a ball designed for a cranker or a stroker?

Yes, a Tweener can use a ball designed for a cranker or a stroker, but they may need to make adjustments to their technique to get the best results.

How can a Tweener choose the right weight for their bowling ball?

Choose a comfortable bowling ball weight that allows for easy hold and swing. Make sure it has enough mass for power and momentum.

How can a Tweener improve their bowling game?

Improve your bowling game by focusing on technique, regular practice, and using suitable equipment for your style. They should also pay attention to lane conditions and adjust their approach accordingly.

Final Thoughts

To play better, tweener bowlers need the right bowling ball. We’ve tested and reviewed the top options for tweens. Our expertise helps you choose a high-performing, versatile, and quality bowling ball. 

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, our review guides you to the best fit for your style and skill level. Upgrade your equipment with our recommendations and improve your bowling game. Happy bowling!

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