Bowling Ball Finger Inserts Vs No Inserts

To make the proper toss, you must first get a firm grip on your bowling ball. The soft finger inserts provide a secure and pleasant grip. So, should you get bowling ball replacements or not? Amateur bowlers benefit from practicing with finger implants. You can frequently practice bowling without any difficulty or discomfort in your finger. Whether you can make the bowling score or not is ultimately determined by your practice and skill. However, because of the high cost, it is still unclear whether you should have the bowling ball finger implanted or not! Dig deep into the article to overcome your confusion and understand when you should get the finger inserts.

Advantages and disadvantages of inserts vs no inserts

For beginner bowlers, entering their fingers into the bowling ball is one of the trickiest parts. Even pro-level players sometimes face the problem after buying a ready-made bowling ball. If you pass through the trickiest part, you can overcome your fear of throwing a bowling ball. Let’s compare the pros and cons of bowling ball inserts versus no inserts. After the comparison, you’ll decide for yourself whether you should get the inserts in your bowling ball or not.

Benefits of Getting Bowling Ball Inserts

The bowling ball finger inserts are compatible with both beginner and pro-level bowlers. The finger inserts help the bowler in the following ways.

Get A Good Grip

The primary purpose of getting inserts in the bowling ball is to get a good grip. Ensuring a good grip is essential for creating an accurate throw and making the consecutive hook. Honestly, the excellent grip offers your finger a reasonable adjustment and comfortability. So, as a novice bowler, don’t get afraid that your finger will stick into the ball.

Get Finger Protection

If you have never played with a bowling ball, you must get afraid that the tiny holes will eat your finger. Thankfully, the bowling ball inserts protect your finger from blisters and calluses. Even though you plan to hold the bowling ball for a long-time, the finger insert will ultimately support you.

Get a Customizable Bowling Ball

Customize the inserts on your newly-bought bowling ball based on the size and shape of your finger. Sometimes it becomes hard to find a bowling ball with a wider hole, particularly for fat people. Thankfully, you can customize the bowling ball inserts. Due to customizability, fatty people can easily enter and remove their fingers into the ball, preventing its annoying sharpness. But, customizing the more prominent and deeper holes might make you lose control of the ball. Ultimately, the ball will cause inconsistency when making shots.

Get Easiest Release

Do finger inserts of the bowling ball help to release the ball? Indeed, It does! We can’t release our fingers from a firm bowling ball when the holes aren’t wide enough. Consequently, many people are frightened of playing the game for the second time, particularly with the same ball. The accurate bowling ball inserts relieve you from the problem. Therefore, customize your bowling ball inserts slightly bigger than your finger shape.

Drawbacks of Getting Bowling Ball Inserts

After finding so many advantages of bowling inserts, you might wonder whether they really have drawbacks. Unfortunately, the bowling ball inserts also have some drawbacks, and those are:

Wider Expenses

Customizing the bowling ball is really a considerable expense for unregular players. On average, the cost of customizing the bowling inserts ranges from $50 to $150. Sometimes the customers can’t see the instant result of customizing the bowling ball inserts. The situation creates the feeling within the bowlers that they have wasted their money for no reason.

Get Consistency

The overall feel of the bowling ball in your palm will be improved, and your game will become more consistent if you ask your pro shop employee to add a thumb insert. A bowling ball’s surface has a tacky or adhesive feel.

Periodic Replacement

Customizing the finger inserts is expensive as the bowling balls are made of urethane material. The urethane material wears out and starts to break down quickly over time. So, you’ll need to customize the bowling ball finger inserts after every 60 games, increasing your expenses.

Not Suitable for All

If you feel the holes of your bowling ball are uncomfortable and riskier, customize it with finger inserts. Indeed, many players find the finger inserts comfortable while throwing the ball; but honestly speaking, the inserts are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, before placing the finger inserts on your bowling ball, ensure it’s the right fit.

Should You Get Customized Finger Inserts for Your Bowling Ball?

Getting the bowling ball finger inserts isn’t compulsory when you aren’t a regular player. Customizing the bowling ball is undoubtedly expensive and a long-time investment. Therefore, get your ball drilled with the finger inserts when you’re a regular bowling player. Your fingertips are shielded from the bowling ball’s sharp edges by the finger insert. The bowling ball inserts give your fingertips a softer feel while also preventing injuries and calluses. When the holes in the bowling adjustments fit your finger, you’ll have a stronger grip. So, if the expenses of the finger inserts aren’t a burden, you should invest in customizing your bowling ball.

What is the Alternative to Customizing Bowling Ball Inserts?

When you can’t bear the expenses of customizing the bowling ball, you can order it with custom finger holes. There’re lots of online and local shops that offer customized bowling balls for various skilled players. However, you can also order to customize your bowling ball’s design, weight, and such things. The costs for a customized bowling ball are slightly higher than the ready-made bowling ball; nevertheless, the prices are lower than the costs of self-customizing the bowling ball. Design your customized bowling ball based on your age and skill in the game.

The Sum Up!

Customizing the bowling ball finger inserts makes the ball lightweight and easy to carry. Furthermore, the finger inserts reduce the stress from your finger while holding the bowling ball. Should you get bowling ball inserts Vs no inserts? If you’re still confused, In a nutshell, I can say, if you are a novice bowler getting ready to have your first bowling ball drilled, finger plugs are not required. Only a
fingertip grasp drilling will benefit from finger inserts. There is no requirement for inserts if you are having your first replacement ball drilled using traditional grip drilling.

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