Can You Redrill a Bowling Ball? Unlock the Secrets!

Yes, you can redrill a bowling ball to alter its grip or hole configuration. Professional shops offer this service to customize bowling balls to better fit a player’s hand.

Bowling enthusiasts often seek to perfect their game by ensuring their equipment suits their style and comfort. Redrilling a bowling ball is a key part of this customization process. This alteration allows for adjustments in finger and thumb hole sizes, spans, and the ball’s overall weight distribution, potentially impacting a player’s throw and the ball’s performance.

Entrusting this task to a skilled bowling pro shop is essential, as precision is crucial for maintaining the ball’s integrity and achieving the desired results on the lanes. Redrilling isn’t just about comfort; it’s about enhancing your game to strike with consistency and confidence.

Can You Redrill a Bowling Ball? Unlock the Secrets!

The Art Of Redrilling A Bowling Ball

Redrilling a bowling ball can improve grip, balance, and overall performance. People often choose to redrill to adjust for hand size changes or to correct drilling errors. Another key reason for modification is to alter the ball’s weight distribution. This can enhance the ball’s hook potential. A well-considered redrill also aids in reducing strain on the bowler’s hand and wrist.

Prior to redrilling, the ball’s condition must be thoroughly assessed. It’s important to look for cracks or structural damage. Such damage can affect the ball’s integrity after redrilling. A ball with significant wear and tear may not be a good candidate. Consulting a professional can help determine if redrilling is safe and beneficial.

Initial Steps Before Redrilling

Seeking a professional’s advice is crucial before redrilling a bowling ball. A skilled technician can assess whether your ball can withstand another drilling. They will check for cracks and other damage. A careful examination ensures that any redrilling won’t harm the ball’s integrity.

Tool Purpose
Drill Press To make precise holes
Bowling Ball Jig To secure ball in place
Pro-Sect For accurate measuring

The Redrilling Process Unveiled

Redrilling a bowling ball can mean improved performance. The key is careful planning before making new holes. Experts use a layout tool to pinpoint the ideal grip spots. They consider the bowler’s style and the ball’s original holes.

Once planned, the drilling process requires precision. Craftsmen often use a specialized drill press designed for this task. This ensures a clean and accurate job. A set of drill bits varying in size make the different hole sizes. These holes are cut to match the bowler’s fingers and thumb perfectly.

Step Description
1. Layout Mark the new grip spots using a layout tool.
2. Secure Ball Place the ball in the drill press to prevent movement.
3. Drill Carefully drill new holes with the appropriate bits.

These techniques and tips will ensure a solid and comfortable grip. This can lead to a better bowling game.

Potential Risks And Considerations

Redrilling a bowling ball may affect its performance dramatically. Essential factors to consider include the ball’s balance and symmetry. Altering the original drill pattern can shift the weight distribution. This may lead to unpredictable ball motion and a reduced ability to control the spin.

Professional bowlers often advise against redrilling if the ball has undergone multiple drillings. Each additional hole compromises the ball’s integrity. Also, balls with complex core designs are more sensitive to changes. Redrilling such balls could render them non-compliant with regulations. Thus, understanding equipment specifications is crucial before making any alterations.

Aftercare For Your Redrilled Bowling Ball

Maintaining a redrilled bowling ball is key to preserving its performance. Regular cleaning is a must. Use a high-quality bowling ball cleaner after every session. Wipe down the ball to remove oil and debris. Periodically, take your ball to a pro shop for deep cleaning.

Inspect the finger holes often. Smooth out nicks or rough edges right away. Doing so prevents irritation and ensures a consistent grip. Keep an eye on the fit.

Adjustments may be needed as your grip changes. Your hand’s size can change over time. Likewise, the ball might expand or contract due to temperature. Check your grip before each play.

Weight balance is crucial after redrilling. Consult a professional if the ball feels off. They will analyze the ball’s dynamics. Pros may suggest small modifications to regain balance.

Track your scoring patterns post-redrilling. Noticeable differences could signal it’s time to tweak your grip or ball surface. Embrace these changes for a revitalized bowling experience.

Personal Stories And Case Studies

Avid bowlers often share their success stories after redrilling bowling balls. Livescore changes with a proper grip. One bowler saw his average score jump by 30 points. A mistake he avoided was redrilling too often, which can damage the ball.

Many bowlers have learned that patience is key. Work with a skilled pro shop technician. This ensures the best results. Incorrect drilling can lead to discomfort and injury.

Some had to learn the hard way, using the wrong ball weight after redrilling. This mistake impacted their game negatively. It’s essential to choose the right weight. It’s crucial for long-term success and comfort.


Can Drilling A New Hole Change A Bowling Ball’s Dynamics?

Redrilling a bowling ball can alter its dynamics significantly. It changes the ball’s core orientation and mass distribution, affecting its hook potential and overall reaction on the lane. It’s essential to consult a pro shop expert for precise alterations.

Is Redrilling A Bowling Ball Expensive?

The cost of redrilling a bowling ball varies depending on your location and the complexity of the work required. Generally, it’s an affordable service, but it’s advisable to get a quote from your local bowling pro shop for accurate pricing.

How Many Times Can You Redrill A Bowling Ball?

Bowling balls can typically be redrilled a few times. However, the limit depends on the ball’s material and condition. It’s crucial to ensure enough material remains to maintain the ball’s integrity and performance after each redrilling.

What Are The Benefits Of Redrilling A Bowling Ball?

Redrilling a bowling ball can enhance comfort by better fitting your hand. It also offers a chance to adjust the roll and hook based on your playing style. Proper fit and customization can lead to improved game performance.


Redrilling a bowling ball is indeed possible. It allows you to customize your grip for enhanced performance. Always consult with a pro before altering your gear. Proper execution ensures the life and integrity of your ball lasts. Elevate your game by tailoring your equipment to fit you perfectly.

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