How Much Is Bowling Shoes

Are you pondering whether you should buy bowling shoes or not? As Bowling ball is a fun activity, you should play it comfortably. Besides doing a good score, you need to control your movement. Bowling shoes will help you to get them. If you play randomly, you definitely should buy a pair of bowling shoes. It will be economical and also give you a comfortable experience. Do you know how much are bowling shoes? Well, if you don’t, we’re here going to discuss it.

Why Should You Buy Bowling Shoes

In the time of bowling wearing, shoes will help you slide. For a smoother motion, smooth sliding is important.  You would not have as much control as you normally could on bowling time if you were sticking to the floor. So you can buy or rent shoes. Usually, you will have to spend $4 at a bowling alley to rent a pair of bowling shoes. On the other hand, from a wide variety of popular bowling shoe models like the BSI 540 white/black style(right), it will cost you $24 or less. That means you’ll save money by buying a pair of new shoes if you want to bowl at least six times. And many beginners usually go more than six times in a few months. Even if you are a casual bowler, buying a pair of new shoes is better for you than renting.

If you’re looking for cheaper, you can buy the Women’s All Leather Classic on a $10 to $20 budget. If you want to increase the budget a bit more, Mens Flyer Black/Mag Blue Wide Width ranges between $20 to $50. Also, Men’s Gust White/Grey shoes are priced around $53. If you want to go near or a bit above $100, there are a few good models like Women Vixen Right Handed, Men’s HPX Black, Men’s SPC 900, and Women’s THE 9.

Pros of custom bowling shoes

Other than the price, there are many reasons to get yourself a new pair of shoes. The rental shoes will be used several times by several people. So it may be older, cheaper, and more worn out. And bowling alleys owners don’t like to buy new shoes or replace older ones. Also, nobody enjoys putting on footwear that has already been used by hundreds of other people. You can easily find affordable with various colors and more fabulous designs. And these shoes also have added features like padded insoles and linings. Also, when you have a custom-made bowling ball, you will find your own pair of shoes more comfortable to maintain your balance and throw efficiently. And when you practice with the same equipment every time, it will improve your consistency while helping you focus better on each of your bowling strokes.


You probably have seen the primary type of bowling shoes. These shoes are called athletic shoes and are made for beginners. But if you have enough seriousness about bowling or you want to become a bowling player, you should try the other options available in the market called performance shoes. These particular bowling shoes have different soles for each foot, depending on your throwing hand. The foot opposite your bowling hand is called the lead foot. Performance shoes’ softer and sliding sole is reserved for the lead foot. That means if you are a right-handed bowler, you’ll wear the slide sole on your left foot.

This approach is taken because a bowler tends to slide with his lead foot. The other sole will have more contraction to slow down and stabilize the bowler’s body while making a delivery. If you want to avoid any confusion, just choose performance shoes by right or left-handed, which may seem a bit unusual, but it will make sense after a while. And for a general search, look for the words “Right Hand,” Left Hand,” or “Performance” in the item title or description to find performance shoes. Obviously, these shoes will be a bit more expensive than athletic shoes and more suitable for severe or experienced bowlers.

The place to buy cheap bowling shoes

There are not a lot of options for buying bowling shoes. It’s definitely good for you. You know options make confusion. There are a few options for buying affordable bowling shoes. Some may go to a large departmental store, but neither offers variety nor good quality. Instead, if you go to the pro shop at your local bowling alley, you will find many options to buy affordable shoes. Another good option is Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. if you want to buy shoes online. Retailers offer low prices to compete and stay in the marketplace on that platform. So, you may get a nice pair at a low price. Also, as you’re buying from the most trusted online vendor in the market, you can browse as many products as possible with a review from other buyers.


We hope you understand how can save money with bowling shoes rather than renting and have an idea about the current prices of the popular shoes in the market. Choose a comfortable shoe within your price range and have fun bowling.

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