How to Build a Bowling Ball Rack

Who doesn’t aim to make a DIY project for his/her favorite playing accessories? Usually, it’s great fun and full of enjoyment if you go with any DIY project. Building the bowling ball rack also is such a DIY project, not only fulfilling your ball storage requirement.

Hence the involvement of other members in this project, give you quality time to spend with mental refreshment. Let’s stop the ado, and dive details of how to build a bowling ball rack-

In Details to Build a Bowling Ball Rack

First, set the measurement of the bowling ball rack. If you have a larger no of bowling balls, you will need a larger rack. Or you can add more racks on your rack. However, once you have decided on the measurement of the rack, now start arranging all the ingredients. To make the bowling ball you will need-

  • 4 two inches by six inches wood board (4 feet height) (These 6 wood pieces going to be the backbone of your bowling ball rack).
  • 6 two inches by six inches wood board (3.5 feet length)
  • 6 two inches by six inches wood board (1 feet length)
  • 4 two inches by six inches wood board (0.5 feet length)
  • Wood sanding paper/wood sander
  • 14 1-inch-long wood nails
  • Hammer

Before describing the whole process let me clarify two things-

First of all, I am going to write here the simplest bowling ball-making process, as it is a DIY process, so once you know the basic how to-automatically you can focus to make an enhanced design or more typical wood rack construction.

Secondly, the written instruction is always not good as the video tutorial. So, if you are confused about anywhere, please either knock me for better understanding. Or please see the YouTube video tutorial.

Now let’s read the details

Use the wood sander and finely sand all the wood pieces. However, at first, make the bottom structure. See the aforementioned wood pieces. Make two rectangles-like wood structures using 4 two inches by six inches wood boards (3.5 feet length) with 6 two inches six inches of wood boards (1 feet length). That means taking two longer kinds of wood and joint them with two 1 feet long wood pieces. Use the wood nail.

Carefully use the hammer to tightly make the rectangle of two 3.5 feet wood pieces with two 1-foot wood lengths. Such a way makes three wood rectangles. 

Once you have made the rectangle, now join these with other longer wood pieces.

That is the long wood pieces (4 two inches by six inches wood board (4 feet height) will be the four stands of the rack, inside of which you have to place the three rectangles (one rectangle will be the bottom, another on the middle and the remaining will be the top). You can make this structure using the wood nail. You may also go with the Doweling wood joining process, but in that case, you have to fully change the rack-making process and it will give you more complexities.

However, the second option is using wood glue, which is sometimes not suggested to make the joint the stand of a rack. Take a measurement tape. Measure the wood stand. With a pencil, mark three equal points of the 4 stands. The mark should be at the bottom, middle, and top. Make sure you are going to mark each 4 wood stands. And the marking obviously should have to place in the same place as your 4 wood pieces.

Now once you have made the wood rack, make it a little bit more aesthetic than the simplest form. Take the 4 two inches by six inches wood board (0.5 feet length). Make these wood pieces the leg of your rack. Use the wood nail, and joint them at the bottom of the rack. 

Once you completely made the rack, now sand the whole rack so that it got a shiny texture. You can use a wood shiner, can varnish, and paint the rack. As this rack is for the bowling ball, the more it becomes simple, the more it is better.

Also, you cannot ignore the fact that the simple is gorgeous!

If you are making this rack to keep the kid’s bowling ball, then make it colorful using a combination of a few colors. So, this is made. You can use three portions of this rack to keep the ball. The first two rack layer is inside the rack and at the top of the rack. In total, you can keep 8 bowling balls inside the rack. And another 3 or 4 on the top of the rack. 

So, it’s a pretty simple rack, does it? You can add a glass door in front of this rack. In that case, use plywood to close the remaining sides. Just the top of this rack, in that case, should be close by either hardwood board or heavy plywood. 

The measurement you can pick on your own. Measure the whole surface, and calculate it per. When you close the upper portion, you cannot use it to keep the ball. Hence you can keep any showpieces, little glass jar aquarium, or flower vase on the closed top of your bowling ball rack.


How do you store your bowling balls so they don’t crack?

It’s nothing but a simple technique. I store my bowling ball on my bowling ball rack. But before keeping those, I use a trick. I let the ball not get a contract with the air or with the surface. Placing the bowling ball inside a zipper bag, and closely tie of the zipper bag ensures, it is safe from cracking.

How do you size a bowling ball?

You must hear about the 10% role. That means I have to choose a bowling ball which is weighing about 10 percent of my body weight. Therefore, if my weight is 150 pounds, my bowling ball will be 15 pounds.

In a Nutshell

Do not limit yourself to only one type of bowling ball DIY project. If you are a crafty mind people, if you are creative enough-lots bowling ball rack designs will knock your brain. We have only written here about the mist simplest rack-making process, but you can explore more! So, this is all on how to build a bowling ball rack-do not forget to knock us, if there is any confusion or misunderstanding for you.

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