Guidelines for Choose a Bowling Ball

Depending on your needs, a bowling ball that comes with a suitable fingertip grip, core, weight, etc., is the best option for you. Because a proper ball makes you more confident and improves your score. Now, you may be confused about how to choose a bowling ball suitable for me. Well, choosing the right bowling ball is a matter of confusion and fear.

An improved score in your game depends on the specific bowling ball as well as your skills. When buying a bowling ball for you, you must know what to consider when purchasing the right bowling ball. We have a break down this confusion below into 8 steps. So, check these steps out.

How to Choose a Bowling Ball

Why should you pick the right bowling ball for you?

Well, they’re versatile features in a bowling ball; if you consider it, surely going to get a good bowling ball. In this article, we’ll briefly talk about those features. Before that, I would like to elaborate on the importance of selecting the right bowling ball. A right bowling ball creates opportunities and enhances the possibility of making a higher score.

We already know this! But how does the right bowling ball create this golden opportunity for increasing score? Selecting the right bowling ball reduces the excessive pressure on your arms, shoulders, and leg muscles. Consequently, you’ll get greater flexibility while throwing the ball to the point. This is how the bowling ball creates opportunities and makes a higher score.

Guidelines for choosing a bowling ball with easy steps

The performance in a game almost depends on your selected bowling ball. That’s because different bowling balls provide individual performance. If you have never purchased a bowling ball before, the varieties of bowling ball brands will confuse you. Here we have broken down the tips for choosing a bowling ball.

1. Consider the ball weight first

The bowling ball weight is significant for facilitating better performance. Using a heavier ball for bowling won’t give you the exact through. Instead, you must struggle to throw the ball to the precise point. That’s why you must consider the weight of the house ball before purchasing.

You should always go for a lighter ball. However, the weight of your bowling ball should be 10 percent of your body weight. For example, if your whole body weight is 120 pounds, the ball should be 12-13 pounds.

2. Drill the ball according to your finger

There are available pre-drilled bowling balls in the market. But most of the players don’t find the finger holes comfortable fitting their fingers. Even if you find a well-suited finger hole, the ball might be heavy for you. Consequently, it increases the risk of injury when carrying or throwing the ball to the target.

So, the best decision would be to drill the bowling ball according to your finger’s measurement. Go to your nearest pro shop and give an expert shopkeeper a measure of your fingers. The shopkeeper will drill your ball according to your finger’s measurements. This step will ensure customized drilling, along with inexpensiveness and comfortability.

3. Find the ideal coverstock of your ball

Selecting the right cover stock is necessary to get the maximum hook from your bowling ball. A bowling ball has three primary cover stocks: reactive resin, polyester, and urethane. The reactive resin and urethane are more suitable for ensuring a more significant hook potential.

According to some expert bowlers, the reactive resin is preferable over the urethane for producing good friction on the oily lane. Possibly, that’s why the reactive coverstock is the most famous as a bowling ball coverstock.

4. Focus on different types of cores

The cores of the bowling ball have a significant impact on the game. Let’s discuss the benefits of different types of cores that we find on bowling balls. Hopefully, after knowing about these cores, it’ll be easier for you to choose the proper core for your ball.

a. Pancake cores

The pancake cores make the bowling ball easier to throw to the lane. It keeps the ball straighter while running to the lane. So, you don’t have to apply tremendous strength or effort while throwing the bowling ball. We know the beginner has very little knowledge about the secret techniques of playing bowling. That’s why bowling balls with pancake cores are very suitable for beginners.

b. Symmetrical cores

A bowling ball with symmetric cores provides a balanced throw to the lane. When throwing a ball with symmetrical cores, you need to roll the ball slightly more than usual. However, the symmetrical core is an advanced bowling core that keeps a significant impact on your bowling game.

c. Asymmetrical cores

The bowling ball can create a slight motion with better control with asymmetrical cores. It consequently makes the players hit the pins successfully by making angles. So, if you’re good at hitting the target with the angle throw, the asymmetrical cores are suitable for you.

5. Consider the condition of the lane

Not all types of bowling balls are appropriate for your bowling lane. Whether you should choose a rough or polished ball depends on what kinds of bowling lanes you have. The reactive resin balls provide significant grip and necessary support on the oily bowling alley. Conversely, a polished ball is suitable for throwing on the rough and dry lane. However, rub your ball with a towel before throwing it at the target. And must wear perfect bowling shoes.

6. Ball’s color enhances your interest in the game

Choosing the right color for a bowling ball is vital for decoration and increasing your confidence. Although it doesn’t physically affect the game, the bowling ball’s right color will make you proud. When it comes to purchasing a bowling ball, you’ll find there are more than enough colors available.

Some brands also produce balls with multiple colors, patterns, and designs. It’s your personal preference which color you would like for your bowling ball. Nevertheless, the glow-in-dark color is an ideal choice for enhancing your interest in playing the game.

7. Take the expert and advanced bowler suggestion

To acquire expertise in this game, you need to give attention to the expert’s ball and how they play. Talk with an expert straight bowler and ask what types of balls they use for throwing to the target. Take the expert suggestions, and choose a customizable bowling ball according to their directions.

8. Choose a ball that USBC approved

If you’re going to participate in professional competitions, you better purchase the USBC-approved ball. Luckily, most of the current bowling ball comes with USBC approval. You need to take the ball to your local store and customize it according to your preference.

The Sum Up!

Playing a bowling ball becomes easy when you have a customized ball that perfectly fits your hand. And getting the right bowling ball will become easy when you follow our guidelines for purchasing it. Still, are you confused about which is the best bowling ball to purchase? Or is my chosen ball suitable for playing a good game? If so, take an expert’s suggestion to choose the right bowling ball according to your game expertise.

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