How to Clean a Bowling Ball At Home

Are you losing grip of the bowling ball as you approach the target? Perhaps your ball has a built-up layer of oil and dirt that forces the ball to react differently. So, to get your bowling ball dirt-free and increase its longevity, you must clean it after a certain period. But, how to clean a bowling ball at home? Several home remedies and many effective solvents for cleansing the ball properly. But if you do not have accurate knowledge of how to use these products or apply remedies, follow our guidelines appropriately. Here we have shared 8 simple steps and some effective methods. Also, you’ll find some informative tips that will make your job more leisurely as well as risk-free.

Clean a bowling ball at home with 8 effective steps

You can remove a fresh and upfront oil layer on the bowling ball by wiping the ball quickly. Nevertheless, if the oil is thick and persistent, you must undergo an in-depth cleaning solution. A deep clean is required after a substantial number of bowling ball games. If you don’t clean your bowling ball regularly, the accumulated oil creates pores over the bowling ball. Deep cleaning with hot water clears the pores from the ball within a bit of time. Follow our bowling ball cleaning guidelines below when there are obstinate pores on your ball.

Things you’ll need

  • Dust removing brush,
  • A water-proof tape,
  • A simple cloth,
  • A micro-fiber towel,
  • Warm water,
  • Need Cleaner (Detergent, dishwasher).

Things to do,

Step 1: At first, Brush the Excessive Dirt

To ensure proper cleaning, remove the excessive dirt sticks from the bowling ball’s surface. Use a cleaning brush to remove the upper dirt and debris of the ball. Never apply a stiff brush to clean a bowling ball. That’s because the stiff brush may create damage or significant scratches on the bowling ball.

Step 2: Seal Off the Finger Hole

Before starting the bowling ball cleaning, seal off the finger holes of the bowling ball. It will save the internal space of your bowling ball. You can use waterproof tape to seal off the holes. Wrap the tape smoothly so that no gap remains inside the tape. Use additional pieces of tape if needed. Remember, if the finger holes remain open when cleaning, it may hamper your performance.

Step 3: Take A Bucket of Hot Water

The deep pore and persistent oil can easily lift with the hot water from the bowling ball. Fill up a bucket with hot water after you’ve closed the holes of the bowling ball. Make sure the water is not warmer than 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4: Add Cleaners with The Water

Both the dish soap or dishwasher and detergent give a bowling ball cleaner performance. Add any of these materials with warm water and make a reliable cleaner.

Step 5: Submerge the Ball in Hot Water

Now, submerge the ball into the cleanser for at least 20 minutes. The minimum time allows the cleaner to lift the dirt and pores from the bowling ball. If the dirt doesn’t loosen, you can keep the ball inside the water for more than 20 minutes.

Step 6: Spin the Ball Inside the Water

Within 20 minutes, check the ball frequently to ensure the cover stock of the ball is safe. Spine the wet ball recurrently to eradicate the oil and pores of the ball. Wipe the wet ball with microfiber for some time when under the water. After covering the whole ball, place the ball into the water again.

Step 7: Bring Out the Ball and Dry It

After 20 minutes, bring out the bowling ball from the warm water. It almost should be clean when you pick it up from the bucket. For removing the rest of the dirt and water, you need to polish the ball with a lint-free towel. Take a lint-free towel, and wipe the whole ball to remove the left moisture. Dry the ball thoroughly, and when the bowling ball gets dry, remove the tap from the ball.

Step 8: Repeat the Bowling Ball Cleaning Process

Finally, you can repeatedly use the in-depth cleaning process until you get satisfied with your cleaning. That’s because the dishwasher and the warm water don’t cause harm to the bowling balls.

Can You Use Alcohol to Make Your Bowling Ball Shiny?

You can use rubbing alcohol as the best bowling ball cleaner at home. Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning bowling balls instead of a soft towel.

Things you’ll need

  • A microfiber towel,
  • Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol,
  • Fresh cloth.

Step 1: Dampen A Microfiber Towel into the Alcohol and Polish the Ball

Before going to the primary procedure, apply some surfactants to loosen up the dirt and grease from the ball coverstock. Now, take a little bit of rubbing alcohol and wipe down the whole surface of your ball. You should carry a microfiber towel to wipe out the excessive oil from the ball.

Step 2: Remove the Remaining Moisture from the Ball’s Surface

After you have rubbed down your ball with your alcohol-dampened cloth, take a dry portion of your towel or a new towel and wipe free any remaining moisture on its surface. Now let it air dry for about some time.

How to Maintain Your Bowling Ball – Some Pro Tips

Continual maintenance is the key to bowling balls’ longevity. When the bowling ball recedes from the straight bowling lane, you’ll understand it’s time to clean the ball. Before that, you can use the following ways of bowling ball maintenance.

  • Take water and simple green at a 1:1 ratio in a spray bottle. Shake the ingredients properly inside the container and make a mixture.
  • Fill another bottle with isopropyl alcohol which is an approved cleaner.
  • Keep both of the mixtures in your sports bag. Spray the ingredients on your bowling ball each time before throwing it at the target. Polish the ball accurately with a lint-free towel after spraying.
  • Make a deep clean after every 70-100 games.
  • You can wipe out the bowling holes between your throws. It will make the ball grease-free, and the grip will be more stable.
  • You should polish your bowling ball often, depending on the ball’s overall condition.
  • Avoid acetone methyl ethyl ketone as your bowling ball cleaner because it is a strong chemical.
  • Do not soak the ball in soap or warm water for an extended period; instead, use a towel.
  • You can resurface your bowling ball at home.
  • If you use Windex to clean the surface of your ball, then don’t soak the ball into it directly.


Whether you play bowling regularly or not, you need to clear it after a certain period. Also, for perfect delivery, you need to clear your ball between your shots. Otherwise, the ball will become oily, and you will lose your grip on the lane. It is crucial to clean the bowling ball to increase its performance. But how to clean a bowling ball at home? This is the most common question our readers have; so we have come up with light and bottomless cleaning methods. There are numerous effective ways to clean a bowling ball at home, so if you want to save money, follow our guidelines. Otherwise, you can go through a pro shop to clean your bowling ball.

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