Techniques of How to Get a Strike in Bowling Every Time

Though getting a good strike is all about physical ability with practice still there are some tips and techniques by which you can learn how to get a strike in bowling. Three basic needs to get a good strike is-

  • Good starting
  • Developed Solid fundamental moves
  • Repeat swing

A player who is by nature athletic, and best to give repeated swings, can hit with a good strike. However, let’s discuss broadly to know the details-

How to get a strike in bowling

Bowling ball is all about the place the finger on the correct hole, getting the proper grip, and through the ball with perfect motion. When you know how to hundred percent control your ball, the ball becomes like personal assistance of you. You can command it anything, and it will respond as it is. Get a perfect bowling ball at first. And give a few trials to be confirmed, yes! This ball is perfect for me. However, see the below-

Select the ball

Not only the ball, rather than all balling equipment has a special impact on the good grip. However, select a ball as per your preference. You may start with the house ball and house shoes, but these two are not professional grades. House balls rarely offer the swing and release according to your capability. That’s why we recommend you individually choose the ball and shoes which are designed for the bowling ball.

Do the purchasing according to your capacity, weight comfort level, budget, skill, and also gaming type. Before you select the ball. Let the pro observe how you through the ball. The pro will select a perfect ball with suitable fitting and will drill it according to your finger orientation.

You might know, the strike pocket! This is all about getting the bowling ball strike. For the left handy this pocket lies between 1 and 2 pins. For the right hand, it is in between the 1 and 3 pins. When your pro will drill the pinhole for you, consider whether you are left handy or right handy! The thumb role to hit the strike pocket is a high speed, perfect swing, perfect body alignment with good hooking with the bowling ball. Several practices could make all these come together at w good point.

Deal with the ball grip

Two types of ball grip you can go with the bowling ball. The conventional grip and the fingertip grip. The conventional grip usually relates to the house ball. The middle finger plus the ring finger is involved directly in the ball. And the finger enters only up to the second joint of each finger. Again, the finger grips also work with the same finger, but they enter only up to the first joint of each finger.

Finger grips are more recommended to get bowling ball strikes. This grip offers a more liberal release, also a juicy strike to hit the strike pocket. The finger grip features all rubberized grips on every finger hole, which impacts well to give a good strike. Also, learn how to get the proper grip on your ball. If you hold the ball too tightly, or too loosely, you will fail to give an accurate ball throughout.

Start with a perfect position

Stand before the pin. Also, leave your heel just before the foul line. Do not touch the foul line, if you anyhow touch the foul line, your bowling will not accept. Start with smaller steps, before the strike, raise your heel a little bit. Look where is the Centre dot. Place your toe on the back of the center dot.

It is true, at the first position you need to give some trial to find the best possible standing position. Figure out at which position your comfort is better. Stand there, then place your opposite legs just opposite your bowling hand. Opposite foot means the non-dominants.

However, if you are left-handy, your nondominant foot will be the right one. And if you are right handy, so it going to be your left foot. In the same manner, pick your starting alignment too. Though it may differ from where you could start, the center point is best to start the bowling. The directional arrows are lies within fifteen feet away from the foul line. Stand just before the foul line, on the center towards the directional arrows.

Always bear one thing in your mind, the center portion of the bowling line is the oiliest, so if you through your ball there, it will strike the pin more. The hidden secret is, it will thus be a way you can get the maximum traction on your strike. Do not forget to give several trials before you start the main game. Several trials will let you be comfortable with your perfect starting position, also with a perfect starting alignment.

Try to hit the pocket with different body standing positions with different body alignments. When you can strike the pocket that means you have got your desired starting details. Whatever you do, try to do a natural swing with perfect action details. Carefully notice which point you are missing, suppose you are missing the left points, so your next target would be to hit the next pin. If you are missing any particular side or pin indicates you are hooking improperly with your ball. Do not through too early or too late. Just catch the perfect timing with the final swing!


How do you get a strike every time we bowling?

Lots of practice is everything to get a strike each time you bowl. However, pick a perfect bowling ball, and start with a good starting body alignment on the line. Target the center pin, and get into the natural attack position. Finally, pick the perfect timing, and leaves the ball with a repeated swing

How many points is a strike in 5-pin bowling?

15 points.

In a Nutshell

Bowling is nothing but a game, which can be improved by continuous routine practice. So don’t expect you will hit the pocket strike at your initial stage. Nothing can be achieved without lots of effort and try. So, follow our article and know details about bowling ball strikes. Now try to follow what we have written here. Certainly, this article will help you to get the ball strike. Never stop to practice with your bowling ball.

Thank you.

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