Increase Your Bowling Ball Speed

Are you trying to hone your bowling ball skills? If you want to become a competent & hoper bowler, if you want to earn the highest score you need to learn some moves and activities techniques. The most important thing you can master in bowling is to increase your current bowling ball speed to an optimum level. Whether you’re a beginner bowler and have difficulty increasing the bowling ball speed while controlling the bowling ball simultaneously. Then we can help you get some efficient tips for you to improve quickly. So, bear with us. We’re going to discuss how to increase bowling ball speed and a few other important things related to that.

What is the Ideal Bowling Ball Speed?

Suppose we try to find the average bowling speed of professional league and tournament bowlers. In that case, their approximate initial speed will be 20 miles per hour, and the pin contact speed is around 17-18 MPH. About 21 mph, plus or minus one mph tolerance when the ball is released onto the lane, And this speed is considered to be the ideal bowling ball speed to knock all the pins most efficiently. However, a beginner bowler can’t throw the ball at this speed. A beginner bowler’s usual speed will be around 13-14 miles per hour, which is not fast enough to knock down all the pins. On the other hand, if someone throws the bowling ball more than 22 miles per hour, the ball will be hard to control because of the breakneck speed and erratic pin deflection. Therefore, an ideal rate is crucial for a bowling ball to knock down all the pins and achieve the necessary spares and strikes. You have to be perfect in bowling, neither more nor less will help you to achieve your success.

Factors Crucial to The Speed Of A Bowling Ball

It’s evident that if you want to get perfect scores and strike down all the pins, you have to master throwing the ball at the right speed. So, before you head to the bowling lane to throw the ball, let’s get acquainted with some essential factors that are very important in relating to the speed of the bowling ball.

Amount of Oil on Bowling Lane

The amount of oil is crucial to the speed of a bowling ball. If the bowling lane surface is covered with a more significant amount of oil, the bowling ball will get more rate. If there is not much oil on the surface, the bowling ball will have to go through more friction on the lane, which will lead to less speed than usual. It is vice-versa. Basically for a tournament, it may be oil patterns ranging from 20 to 30 milliliters.

Cover stock Material

The cover stock material is another important factor that significantly influences the speed of the bowling ball. Urethane bowling balls can travel faster than reactive resin balls on the lane’s surface because urethane material has more hooking ability. That’s why it can tolerate more friction due to its smoother texture.

Throwing Force

The most important factor relating to speed is undoubtedly the throwing force. If you throw the bowling ball with more force, it’s no surprise that it will move faster than usual. However, increasing the throwing force of the bowling ball doesn’t increase your controlling ability. On the contrary, you may start losing control of the ball as you increase the force over a certain limit. So, you have to find the ideal throw force to get the optimum result which makes the ball move faster while being in your control.

Increase your bowling ball speed step by step

Now you know very well how to fine-tune your bowling speed with a little practice. You’ve also what factors matter most to get the most speed out of your bowling ball. But have you asked yourself what you can do to increase your bowling speed with any kind of ball? Let’s find out some efficient tips to increase your bowling ball speed.

Focus on Your Leg Movement

There is a common mistake seen among beginner bowlers. They tend to keep their focus on swinging their arms. And they apply extra force in their arms, thinking this will increase the pace of the bowling ball. This approach doesn’t give any satisfactory results. So, instead of focusing on arms, let’s focus on your leg movement. Move your legs faster while throwing the ball. It will provide more pace in your throwing than swinging your arms fast while throwing toward the pins.

Relax Your Arm and Leg Muscles

Another helpful tip you should never forget is to keep your arm and leg muscles utterly relaxed while you throw the bowling ball. This act of relaxing will give you a quicker speed. Also, relaxing the muscles will ensure increased speed and enable you to control your throw. On the other hand, stiffening the muscles will make you lose control over the bowling ball. If you throw the ball into the gutters, it doesn’t matter how fast your ball is going.

Keep The Bowling Ball Forward Before Swinging

There is a common misconception among bowlers about backswing. Some believe a bigger backswing will result in a faster bowling ball moving over the lane. On the contrary, this scenario doesn’t happen. Surprisingly, the opposite is true in this case. If you want to be in the ideal bowling position, relax your throwing arm and keep the bowling ball in the non-throwing arm. You should only go for a backswing just before you leave the ball. Otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll injure yourself.

Practice Your Throw Properly

Even after following all the tips mentioned above, if you cannot increase the speed of a bowling ball, there is an obvious but often neglected thing you haven’t given proper attention to. That is a regular practice. Mastery over anything requires constant practice. So, ensure the regular practice of your throw. Besides this, you should ensure perfect practice. When practicing if you don’t follow the rules to be observed of course to throw the ball your throwing ball will be ashes. So follow your rules and keep practicing and soon you’ll master the ideal bowling ball throw and speed to compete in a league or tournament.


Try to incorporate all those tricks into your throw, and you’ll soon see good results. We can say, increasing your balling speed will increase your score simultaneously. If you’re a novice bowler, it’ll take some time to achieve the optimum speed. So, we suggest regularly practicing while being mindful of the tips to increase bowling speed. That will keep you fit and earn you success.

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