Find out How to Polish a Bowling Ball

Are you trying to find a convenient way to polish your bowling ball? When you are a beginner bowler, you will learn the importance of a clean ball after playing a few games. You will understand how a dirty ball affects your performance. It may be the ball misses its aim because of dirt or oil. And it’s obvious oil and dirt are the culprits behind this. Do you know how to prevent your bowling ball from getting dirty? And even if you constantly clean your ball after each shot, after several games, you need to polish the ball to sustain its good performance. And maybe going to a pro shop is not always an option for you. That’s what we’re about to discuss. So, let’s find out how to polish a bowling ball and a few exciting things related to it.

Here is step by step guide for polish a bowling ball

You’ll need to clean the bowling ball after every six games and polish the ball after every 15 to 18 games. Singularly if the lanes are oily, the periodic number of cleaning and polishing may vary a little. Let’s find out how to do a quick and deep clean of your bowling ball and polish it to sustain perfect bowling ball motion in the lanes.

Quick Cleaning and Bowling Ball Polishing

You’d find this the simplest form of bowling ball polishing. In this method, you clean your ball after every game to remove excess oil, which will help to maintain proper playing motion. This method won’t let any oil accumulate on the ball’s surface. And to do this, you need a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol. You should carry a microfiber cloth in your bowling bag for this method. Use the cloth each time you bowl. Ensure the microfiber cloth is soft and lint-free to avert particles from gathering on the ball surface and affecting your performance. Rub the ball on each throw to remove the oil, and you may get another clean cloth during a long game. After the game is over, let the cloth absorb a little rubbing alcohol and clean the entire surface with it. And don’t forget to dry the cloth before putting it in your bowling bag.

Best Way to Polish Bowling Ball after Deep Clean

Pro-shop is always the best place to polish your ball, but you can always deep clean it by giving it a good soak. This is a cheap way to polish the ball’s coverstock while removing excess oil and dirt. All you need is waterproof tape, hot water, a large bucket, and a microfiber towel. First, use waterproof tape to cover the bowling ball holes. This will protect the inside of the ball. Then, soak the ball for 20 minutes in a hot water-filled large bucket. After cleaning take out the ball from the water. And dry it properly with a microfiber cloth which should be soft and lint-free. All this time, bowling ball holes must be covered with waterproof tape. Leave the ball in the open air for a while. Then pull out the tape and dry the finger hole area.

Deep Cleaning Using a Homemade Polish

Using a degreaser is probably the best homemade way to clean your bowling ball. This method applies Simple Green and rubbing alcohol to remove oily residue. First, mix an equal amount of water, Simple Green, and rubber alcohol in a spray bottle and give it a gentle shake. Then, just spray the mixture over the surface of the ball. Before sprinkling makes sure to cloak the ball’s finger holes with waterproof tape. Otherwise, the spray can go inside which can damage your ball. After that don’t forget to clean and polish the bowling ball with a microfiber cloth as before. Lastly, take out the tape from the ball when you’re finished and clean the finger hole area.

How to Resurface the Bowling Ball

You already know to maximize a  Bowling balls continuation and consummation constant maintenance is badly needed. Resurfacing is one of the best ways to care for the bowling ball. you should be careful about when your ball should resurface. There are three signs that indicate you should resurface your bowling ball. that’s are, reduced hook, scratches on the ball, and discoloration. Just when you notice any one of these you must resurface it. Besides, you should resurface your balls after every 60 games to ensure it’s in good shape and scoring the best. Resurfacing the coverstock is equally essential because it customizes the ball to your personal style and removes the scuff marks. First, choose a sanding agent based on the results you’re expecting from the resurfacing process. You can opt for sandpaper or use Abralon sanding pads. You should use low grit sandpaper to play on a heavily oiled lane and higher grit sandpaper to increase the hook phase of the ball. The next step is filling a container for rinsing the sandpaper while keeping a spray bottle of water on standby to spray the ball if needed. The most used technique for sanding is to cross-sand at a ninety-degree angle from the initial sanding pattern. After sanding the exposed surface, rotate the bowling by 180 degrees, rotate again by 90 degrees, and repeat it by 180 degrees to ensure all the surface areas are sanded. Lastly, finish the process by applying compound while moving the spinner at high speed and then apply Turtle Wax ball polish. After your resurfacing and polishing are finished, use a ball cleaner and store the bowling ball.


You should always keep a microfiber cloth nearby and rub the oil after every few shots. This will prevent coverstock from absorbing oil. It’s good to deep clean the ball after 75 games and resurrects the ball once every 60 games or more. We hope now you can effortlessly clean, polish, and resurface your bowling ball.

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