How to Release Your Bowling Ball

In our previous article, we have known about the spin of a bowling ball, the better gripping of the ball type, and much more thing. We also have known how we need to stand with our effective body approach. Though we always emphasize the spin of the bowling ball, the fact is- if we don’t know how to release the bowling ball, no matter if we are masters at spinning the bowling ball, it gonna down the ball from the lane. There are several release techniques to teach you about the ball rolls and consistent ball release motion to successfully reach the pockets and hit the targets. Want to know more? Below are all the details.

Proper Way to Release Bowling Ball

Understanding the ball release is the prime action, that pushes you to be an expert on bowling ball release. Exactly what happens when you release the bowling ball? You release the thumb at first, then rotate your wrist, and gradually release the middle finger, and ring fingers from the ball hole. Finally, through the ball on the lane. Though all that seems very simple to hear, actually it is all about the perfection of doing all these things quickly and on time.

According to the professional’s opinion, this release time is supposed to be within a second or less than this. You might know in the bowling game, there are three sorts of hand positions that defined different types of ball release on the lane.

  • Relaxed: Low Revolutions & Low Hook with a Straight Balling Path
  • Firm: Medium Revolutions With Medium Hook. Provides an Arching Ball Path
  • Strong: High Revolutions with High Hook. Gives an Angular Ball Path

However, there are a few ways, following all which-assure you a good ball release with max efficacy. Here we go with these-

Prep Work Necessary

As you are on the way to releasing the bowling ball perfectly, therefore it is mandatory to practice your wrist rotation upon your stance on your footing. A straight ball release needs to hold the ball in its beneath position. If you want to hook the ball, then you have to make a cup pattern on your wrist, and then a slight rotation of your hand towards the ball side. The fact is, though you may learn various releasing patterns, you may release the ball normally on an overall swing as well.

An abbreviated release should be your regular target to practice so that you could bring closure to the foul line. During the practice, focus on your hand and wrist position also with your footing. Your body position, body movement, hand, and wrist rotation are all about the matter of regular practice to control overall.

Apply a Proper Grip

You have to know how you can apply proper gripping pressure before you release the ball. Yes, for this you have to use your fingers, which are holding the ball pad. Do not too much pressure on the ball pad or on the thumb hole. Do not squeeze the ball pad with extra pressure. Avoiding too much pressure introduce a smooth bow release on the lane. Releasing the squeezed ball also prohibits consistent and on-time ball release. The max gripping pressure comes from the thumb, which going to release at first while releasing the bowling ball. As you have already entered into the sliding approach, you are at the “Moment of Release”, start exiting the thumb gradually. Do not exert too much pressure during this exit period.

As this can directly impact the bowling speed and ball movement. It may be adversely affected if you exert too much pressure to release an already-squeezed ball. When the ball is released in an unpredictable way, obviously few terms like over-tuning or over-rotating may arise then. Not only that, but it also could happen, your elbow also moves incorrectly to through the ball at that time. Apply light gripping pressure with your thumb, don’t create any knuckle-bend. Keep the thumb just straight even at the release momentum. So what to do with the other two fingers? Keep a firm grip pressure with the other fingers on the ball. This will help to rotate the ball to create a lot of spins.

Release The Ball On Time

Don’t release the ball too early or slightly late. Before reaching the foul lane, with your sliding shoes, you just need to release the ball. When you are on your intimate backswing action, and moving forward to through the ball on the lane it is the critical time to release the ball. Just as you are in attack mode, and started sliding your feet, at the last stage of your shoes sliding, the bowling ball needs to cross the sliding at that time. Don’t take the ball release as a separate part of your forward swing action. Just release the ball on your last touch of the shoe slide, when you have rotated the hand slightly for the front attack.

Know The Ball Arch

How quickly you can rotate the ball when it is leaving your hand is known as the rev rate. Increasing this rev rate ultimately offers the elite ball release from your hand. Yea, it takes a long period of practice to become a master on a higher rev rate. But, if you understand the arch line of your ball, the process of your mastering could place faster. This bowling ball arch is the whole path under the ball and its whole moving area on your hand. The more quickly your finger can be paired with this whole long arch gives the highest rotational velocity.

Besides this, the pitcher also needs to know all specific hand positions and hand turning to release the ball with optimum velocity. Don’t try to give a rotational motion too early or too late. Even a little bit of off time of your hand turning or rotation may result in a minimized movement. To generate a high Rev. Rate, there is no alternate way to practice at least for 7 to 9 weeks by keeping patience at a high level.

Practice tips to release an elite ball

Let’s get some practice tips by which you can get a good idea on a perfect swing, how can position on your hand, and the about hand rotation so that you could get the highest rotational velocity for the elite ball release. So what I just said, how all those parameters coalesce to give you an elite ball release? The ball release actually starts from your ball swing action. Up to the completion of throwing the ball, the top bowler keep their elbow inside the wrist. This is to transfer all the kinetic energy from the body toward the forearm. The forearm is the responsible thing, assist the ball moves ups and downs when you rotate the clockwise or counterclockwise the hand. Here two most important thing is hand rotation with the back and front swing.

Practice regularly to keep your hand in a straight line, direct to your focal line. And your elbow must on the same line already. As your elbow is inside in this position when you will follow your hand and elbow at the same line, the maximum energy you will get on your ball is from the hand, then to the elbow, and then directly to the ball. So the first practice which is very essential to be a top bowler is keeping the elbow inside the wrist. Here roomy space is mandatory to hit with a downswing. However, you also need to be concerned about your head. while releasing the ball, your head must be at a tilt position outside. This position of your head creates enough space for the swing. So that your wrist gets the highest energy to power the ball on the front lane. Get a coach training for detailed instruction. It would be more beneficial to be the master of the back swing, front swing, hand rotation, hand and wrist placement, head placement, footing, and all your footing.


How do you release a bowling ball for beginners?

I expect the question, How to Hook a Bowling Ball! The most simplest bowling ball release technique is- at first properly make your footing. Your body positioning should be such, you can visualize the whole attack lane very clearly. Try with the 4-step approach and make the swing. Finally, during the front swing, when you are on the final sec to attack, keep your elbow, wrist, and ball in a steady and straight line towards the target pins. Release the thumb at first.

When should you release a bowling ball?

A too-early release of the bowling ball while you are on the backswing will forcedly bounce the ball on the front line, finally veering off it from the focal line. So when you are on the downswing and on the move on the flat lane, before passing your sliding shoes, release the bowl. Keep noticing your hand position at that time. The elbow, wrist, and ball release all should be through a direct and straight path toward the target center.


How to release the bowling ball is a total matter of your day-to-day practice. When you got the idea of the basics, now prepare yourself for a few tries and much more practicing.

That’s all for today.

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