Pro Bowler Tips to Spin a Bowling Ball

Why do you need to know how to spin a bowling ball? It’s usually the professional demand, to make you an enthusiast -the elite bowling professional. However, the speed of a bowling ball solely depends on the spin of that ball. Whether you are a professional or casual enthusiast, you just need to know that putting a spin on a bowling ball helps to achieve different bowling ball movements. To become a master at putting a spin on bowling balls is just a matter of a few tricks with a lot more practice. However, let’s know A to Z about How Can You Put Spin On a Bowling Ball!

Tips of spin a bowling ball

Several factors here you need to consider to apply spin on a bowling ball. Spinning the bowling balls may take several efforts and time from you, but if you could race on the track, obviously nothing gonna stop you to become a master of doing that. Here are the trips and tricks which could make you a master of spinning bowling balls-

Keep Your Arm and Wrist Straight

It is very basic but essential to keep your arm and wrist in a straight direction while you are in a position to release the ball. Releasing the straight ball additionally gives an even spin to move the bowling ball forward. Though nobody could maintain the same body position throughout the whole race, body rotation, and body angle at each time of ball release are crucial, therefore. It is recommended to keep the arm and the wrist straight as much as possible. So make these body parts straight, grip the ball, and release it following your front gliding shoe laces! An incorrect release of the bowling ball directly will impact the bowl spins. Focus on the ‘Four Step Approach’ to get the proper ball spin.

Release The Thumb First

I saw many ballers in cricket, especially the spinners through the ball by releasing their thumb finger from the ball at first. And then gradually the middle and ring finger. So what makes the difference to release the thumb at first? Usually, the remaining fingers will put the spin on your ball rolling, whereas releasing the thumb first will add an efficient torque to your spinning ball.

Leaving the thumb as the first finger may take some time and some practice from you. But once you know how to release this finger, now your next move would be targeting the pockets, to learn bowling spins. Repeatedly practice, especially at that point what makes you are falling down from the tracks!

Obviously, proper practice will make you master bowling ball spin.

Focus on The Hand Rotation

If you try to understand how to spin the bowling ball, you have to focus on your hand rotation as well. While you are releasing the ball from your hand, you have to slightly rotate your hand at that time. This hand-rotating time usually lot do with the spinning balls.

So how much time do you need to rotate your hand to get the high spin? It’s not pretty difficult to get the answer, just consider the time you take for a standard handshake. Or you can count the time as well. Whether you are a right-handed bowlers or left-handed bowler, hand rotation should not cross more than 15 percent.

Pick The Right Ball

Most often our newbie bowlers do not focus on perfect ball choosing. the type of ball might seems a light matter to them, Reality is, if you want to run to the perfect bowling alley, you have to know the difference between a light ball and a heavy ball. It is very basic, a lighter ball gives more spin compared with a heavy ball. Again too light a ball creates an odd bounce too!

For adult men, the bowling ball weight should be 14-16 lbs. whereas adult women need to play with a 10-14 lbs. weighing ball. The general assumption is, every bowling ball should contain a maximum of 10% of your body weight.

As the weight of the ball directly impacts the ball spins, therefore take it seriously. Strong individuals with too short or too lighter balls, may face unnecessary torque which is enough to spoil the spin in a gutter. Again weak individuals with a heavy ball may face enough difficulties for proper ball hooking motion.

The ball with the right grip actually you need. The holes of your ball must need to be such, you can easily hold the hole without any feeling any excess stickiness or looseness.

For the beginner, we suggest using the ball having one pin with a Symmetric Weight Block. The main feature of such a ball is if you bisect the ball on its center axis-the two separate portions will be symmetrical.

Asymmetrical balls are features one pin with one indicator. These balls are a little bit challenging for beginners but perfect for a professional bowling event. However, frequent practice with such a ball make you master it after the training period.

Make the Ball Spins

At first target the Pocket. The pocket is the in-between place of the ball pin, by which you want to hit your target. If you are right-handed, your pocket is in between the number 1 and number 3 pin. For the left hand, their pocket is in between the number 1 & number 2 pin.

Secondly, Grip the ball. Though already we told about this in our upper reading section. But let it be clear again here. How you hold your ball, the ball grip is important to give you the ball spin so that it can achieve the intense ball hook.

You can think of the gripping in three ways, a relaxed grip will give you a minimal ball hook. A moderate (firm) grip will give you a moderate hook, which is pretty enough to keep you straight on your track. However, a strong grip will give you a high grip, so greater ball spin as well.

Thirdly, decide where you are standing! Yes, you are standing facing the front lane. Divide the whole playing lane into three sections, like Outside Left, Middle Zone, and Outside Right. To give a relaxed grip, the right-hand needs to stand on the outside right, and the left-hand needs to stand on the left outside. If so, the bowling ball will get a relaxed grip to travel down toward the pockets.

Again to get a firm grip, place on the middle. It will help the balls to spin greatly so that can hit the target pockets with a curvy movement. The remaining consideration is the strong gripping. If you are dealing with this, you have to stance opposite as we have told for the relaxed grip.

The left hand has to stand on the right outside, and the right hand has to stand on the left outside so that both players get gets enough rooming to rotate the ball with the highest spin before releasing it to hit the final target.

Fourthly, Think about Four Step Approach. Directly stand on your body weight. Take your position by placing your right foot on one step forward. Place the ball-holding arm just on your right foot position.

Do your left feet also the same. do a circle, move the balls lowers your chin, and prepare to release the ball. Then again go one step forward with the highest backswing with your ball possible. Blend your torso approximate 15 degrees angle.

Move your left foot again one step forward on the line. Move the ball backward with all possible backswings, (it will help to spin the ball highest). Slide away the right leg from your left leg. Lowers the hip.

Slightly push back your body weight and through the ball forward to hit the pocket. Do not forget to keep your arm and wrist straight while releasing the ball. The optimal moment to release the ball is when your arm is positioned in between the toes and laces of the Forward Sliding Shoe.

Release the thumb at first, then the middle and ring finger. Just before releasing the ball, rotate your ball holder hand. For the right hand, the rotation needs to be counterclockwise, and for the left hand, it is supposed to be clockwise. Obviously, this rotation needs to be slightly from your wrist.

You can do another thing too. A continuous movement of the ball holder’s hands up and down until you feel better to release it. During the Four Step Approach, timing is a major concern that needs to adjust. Be sure both the ball and your leg are going at the foul line just at the same time.


What is the easiest way to spin a bowling ball?

There is no easiest way. It is just a mix of several ways by which you can spin a bowling ball. Like, choose the perfect type of ball with proper weight, stance properly, make your arm and wrist straight, find a good grip, release the thumb at first, go with the “Four Step Approach and so many others.

How do you curve a bowling ball for beginners?

Release the thumb at first while releasing the ball. After then gradually release the middle finger and then the ring finger. Just rotate the hand little a bit before releasing the ball. The rotation just before the strong backswing will make a curvy ball move to hit the lane targets.

Final Verdict

Knowing how to spin a bowling ball actually demands more theoretical knowledge than practicing according to all those knowledge. As you have read this article, now you know what basically you need to do if you want to get a spin on your bowling ball. Better advice is to take a coach or mentor’s advice if you are intending to perform professionally with the bowling ball.

Good luck!

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