How to Throw a Bowling Ball Perfectly

Are you invited to a bowling game but don’t know how to throw a bowling ball? Or are you struggling to make a good throw? You’ll be delighted to know this sport is easy to learn. However, you can’t throw it anywhere you want, until you become a skilled bowler. The ball has some weight. Your grip, swing, throw, all of this combined, will take the ball in your preferred direction. Once you learn to make a good throw, you’ll be surprised to find out how fun of a sport bowling can be. So, let’s find out how you can throw a bowling ball.

Throw a bowling ball with easy steps

1. Hold The Ball Correctly

One of the most important steps of throwing a bowling ball is to hold it correctly. You may be wondering what’s there to learn about holding a ball? Well, almost everyone who never bowled fails to hold it the first time. Because it’s just any ball that we’re talking about. It’s a big ball with a considerable amount of weight, and you have to throw it with some strength. Now, we’re gonna discuss how you can hold the ball correctly a bit later. First, let us help you choose the right ball for yourself. Finding the right ball matters as well; you have to take into account your own weight and finger size to choose the right ball for yourself. Otherwise, you may not feel comfortable throwing the bowling ball.

Find the right weighted ball: The rule of thumb is that your bowling ball should weigh 10% of what you weigh in pounds. Apparently, if you weigh 140 pounds, your bowling ball should be 14 pounds. However, the highest bowling balls go in weight is 16 pounds. According to the general rule, the bowling ball should weigh 10% of your actual weight in pounds. If your weight is 130 lbs, choose a bowling ball of 13 lbs. However, if your weight is more than 160 lbs, maybe it’s wise to settle for a 16 lbs ball or customize a ball for yourself. In the end, you should choose whatever helps you bowl at your best.

Make sure your fingers fit into the holes: Usually, you will see three holes in a bowling ball, and naturally, you have to put your three fingers in each of them. Each of the holes should fit the second knuckle of your fingers. If it’s too tight, you will find it difficult to throw it. Three-hole bowling balls are most common everywhere. In a three-hole bowling ball, you need to put three of your finger in each of them. Each of those holes should reach up to the end of your fingers.

You will have difficulty throwing it if the ball’s too tight. On the contrary, you’ll find it risky to deal with if it’s too loose. Therefore, you should be able to fit your fingers in the holes. You will see two holes close to each other, and the other one is away from the two. The two closely placed holes are for your middle and ring fingers, and the other hole is reserved for your thumb. You can get maximum control over the ball by following this.

2. Figuring Out The Stance

The first thing you’re going to do after holding your ball is the aim. You probably have to keep your left foot on the line or wait behind the line. You should stand at a place where you can keep your hand down with the ball. In that way, the ball can stay right along the line you want to throw. Now, you need to hold the ball perpendicular to the ground and keep your thumb pointing in the direction where you’re aiming the ball to move. This is the way how you can aim and prepare before actually throwing the ball. To check if you are on the right track, you should swing the ball a few times.

3. Taking The Swing

Now, if you are holding the ball and have decided where to aim, it’s time for you to take the swing. First, bring your arm backward. And keep your arms straight while doing it. Usually, straight shots and hook shots are the two types of shots common in bowling. If you want to throw a flawless straight shot, your wrist needs to be straight at the time of the backswing and the release of your bowling ball. On the other hand, keep your wrist as it usually stays to throw hook shot. Then, take the forward swing towards your target. Keep an eye on following the right line. Point your swing right where you aimed your ball earlier. You should rely on your reflexes to do it automatically. That’s why practice is needed to get this right.

4. Releasing The ball

Now, it’s time to release the ball. First, you have to release your thumb. Then, you release the other two fingers at the very last moment. And make sure to bend a bit while doing this; otherwise, the ball will just drop on the lane and won’t move in the direction you’d want it to go. The direction of your final swing after releasing the ball is vital because it determines the direction of your ball at the end of its journey. Just releasing the ball doesn’t finish the bowling. Because you must finish the swing, you take. Also, make sure not to cross the foul line. Remember, your bowling ball hook depends on your release.

5. Finding Balance

It is normal to have a few unsatisfactory attempts because you have to implement a few things for the first time. With practice, you’ll slowly find the balance between all the steps. And eventually, make some perfect throws. So, take ample time to learn each step and then slowly combine all these steps.


Throwing a bowling ball is not all that complicated, but there are a few things you have to be mindful of while trying to get a perfect throw. Focus especially on arm swing and ball releasing. With some practice, you’ll surely learn how to throw a bowling ball and will start to have fun in the bowling arena.

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