Infinite Physix Bowling Ball

The Infinite Physix Bowling Ball stands as a pinnacle in the world of bowling equipment. It is designed to elevate the performance of bowlers of all skill levels. At its core lies a dynamic asymmetrical design, optimizing rotation and angular velocity for unparalleled precision on the lane.

Complemented by a groundbreaking coverstock, the ball offers superior traction and durability. It ensures a consistent and powerful hook potential with each roll. This innovative fusion of technology and craftsmanship promises not only enhanced pin action but also a remarkable degree of control.

If you want to know more about this bowling ball, then you’re in the right place. Here we’re going to share everything about this Infinite bowling ball so that you can have a full idea on it. So, let’s dig into this article.

Key Features of the Infinite Physix Ball

The Infinite Physix bowling ball comes with lots of features and benefits. Keep reading its features:

Coverstock Technology

The coverstock of the Infinite Physix is a crucial factor in its overall performance. It is often crafted from advanced materials to provide the right balance of traction on the lane.

Whether it’s a reactive resin or hybrid coverstock, the technology behind it determines the ball’s response to various lane conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of players.

Core Design

The core of a bowling ball influences its motion and overall hook potential. The Infinite Physix is equipped with a sophisticated core design that maximizes energy transfer.

It creates a powerful and consistent roll. Whether it’s a symmetrical or asymmetrical core, the design aims to optimize the ball’s reaction and adaptability to different oil patterns. 

Dynamic Motion

The Infinite Physix is engineered to deliver a dynamic and controlled motion on the lane. The combination of coverstock and core technology ensures that the ball reads the lane effectively. It provides a predictable and desirable motion. This feature is essential for bowlers looking to enhance their accuracy and control.

Versatility Across Lane Conditions

One of the standout features of the Infinite Physix is its versatility. Whether you’re facing heavy oil, medium oil, or dry lanes, this bowling ball is designed to adapt and perform consistently. This adaptability makes it a reliable choice for bowlers who participate in various leagues or competitions with different lane conditions.

Durability and Quality Construction

The durability of the Infinite Physix Bowling Ball is a testament to its high-quality construction. Bowling balls undergo significant stress during play, and this model is crafted to withstand the rigors of regular use. The quality materials and construction contribute to the ball’s longevity. This makes it a wise investment for serious bowlers.

Coverstock Technology in the Infinite Physix

The innovative coverstock technology in the Infinite Physix is what gives this ball its dynamic performance. The Physix uses an enhanced version of Storm’s R2S Pearl reactive coverstock, providing length through the front of the lane with a strong, controllable backend reaction.

R2S Pearl Reactive Coverstock

The R2S Pearl coverstock incorporates a “pearl” additive that creates an ultra-low friction surface, allowing the ball to glide easily through the heads. As the ball enters the mid-lane, the chemistry of the coverstock and its porous surface begin to grip and create traction.

By the time it enters the backend, the coverstock has soaked up enough oil to create a strong rolling motion into the pocket. The result is a ball motion that provides both power and precision.

The Physix also utilizes Storm’s innovative RAD-X core design. This asymmetrical core shifts the ball’s mass to the perimeter, increasing track flare potential and ball motion. The core works in tandem with the coverstock to provide a dynamic backend reaction for high rev players.

If you’re looking for a ball to give you length and a strong, controllable motion on heavier oil conditions, the Infinite Physix should be at the top of your list.

Core Design of the Infinite Physix Ball

The core of the Infinite Physix bowling ball is designed for maximum energy transfer and ball motion. Its core uses an asymmetrical shape to create an imbalance in the ball that causes the ball to rev up more and move down the lane with a strong rolling motion.

The Physix core has a low RG (radius of gyration) and high differential, meaning it has a dense inner core with more weight concentrated in the center, surrounded by a lighter, more evenly distributed outer core.

This combination of inner and outer cores allows the ball to rev up quickly, then continue rolling powerfully down the lane. The core design also helps generate backend motion for those strong.

To further enhance ball motion, the Physix incorporates an inner urethane layer wrapped around the core. This urethane layer soaks up oil from the lane, increasing friction between the ball and the lane to create more hook potential and a quicker response to friction.

The urethane layer works together with the core shape to give the Physix its strong, continuous motion that bowlers have come to expect from this high-performance ball.

Available Weights and Colors for the Infinite Physix

The Infinite Physix bowling ball comes in a variety of weights and eye-catching colors to suit any bowler. Here are the weights and colors that offer by the Infinite Physix bowling balls.


The Physix is available in weights ranging from 12 to 16 pounds, in one-pound increments. The weight you choose depends on your own body weight, age, and physical strength.

As a general rule of thumb, most recreational bowlers will want a ball that is between 10 to 15% of their body weight. More advanced bowlers may go up to 16 pounds for added hitting power. The Physix’s symmetrical core provides a balanced ball motion even at higher weights.


This ball really shines when it comes to color options. It features six stunning swirl colors:

  • Midnight Blue Pearl: A deep blue swirl with red and gold metallic flakes.
  • Scarlet Shadow: A bold red swirl with hints of gold.
  • Emerald Green: A bright green swirl with gold and blue accents.Purple Haze: A vivid purple swirl with blue and red highlights.
  • Tangerine Twist: An electric orange swirl with yellow and red flecks.
  • Galaxy: A cosmic swirl of blue, purple, red and gold.

Performance and Reaction of the Infinite Physix Ball

The Infinite Physix bowling ball is designed to give you a strong and angular reaction on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. It features an asymmetric core that creates an early and continuous hook motion. The solid reactive coverstock enhances backend reaction and hitting power.


The solid reactive coverstock provides traction in the oil and a strong snap at the backend. Its sanded finish gives the ball a matte look and increases friction for an earlier roll. The coverstock material is durable and long-lasting. With occasional resurfacing, this ball can stay in top shape for many games.


The asymmetric core features a pancake weight block positioned off-center. It creates an early rolling motion and strong backend hook potential. The lower RG and higher differential also increase track flare potential for more backend reaction. The core design makes this ball best suited for medium to heavy oil conditions where its angular motion can be fully utilized.


With its strong core and coverstock, the Infinite Physix produces an aggressive motion best described as angular and continuous. It reads the midlane well and has a snappy backend reaction.

The ball motion is even and predictable. For the most part, the Physix goes long and turns hard, though speed and rev rates can affect its length. The ball pairs well with medium to heavy oil patterns where control and extra hook are needed.

The Infinite Physix is a premier performance ball ideal for experienced bowlers with higher ball speeds and rev rates. If you’re looking for a ball to tackle medium to heavy oil patterns that require precision and power, the Physix is an excellent choice.

Who Is Infinite Physix Bowling Ball Suitable For?

The Infinite Physix bowling ball is a high-performance bowling ball. It is designed for a specific target audience within the bowling community. The primary target audience for the Infinite Physix bowling ball includes:

Experienced Bowlers

The Infinite Physix is best suited for experienced bowlers who possess a solid understanding of lane conditions, oil patterns, and various bowling techniques. Bowlers with a refined skill set will appreciate the ball’s responsiveness to adjustments in release, speed, and rotation.

Competitive Bowlers

This bowling ball is specifically designed for those who regularly participate in competitive bowling tournaments at various levels. Its high-performance characteristics make it an excellent choice for bowlers seeking a competitive edge and increased pin action.

Heavy Oil Conditions

The Infinite Physix is particularly effective on heavy oil lane conditions. Its advanced coverstock and core design allow it to grip the lane surface and maintain a strong hook potential even in oilier environments.

Rev Dominant Players

Bowlers with a high rev rate will benefit from the ball’s ability to generate a strong backend reaction. The dynamic core and coverstock combination facilitate a powerful and angular motion upon impact with the pins.

Players Seeking Versatility

While optimized for heavy oil conditions, the Infinite Physix offers a level of versatility. Skilled bowlers can use it to adapt to varying lane patterns by making subtle adjustments to their playing style.

Where to Buy the Infinite Physix Bowling Ball

When it’s time to purchase your Infinite Physix bowling ball, you have a few options. Here are some places where bowlers should check out:

Pro Shops

The best place to buy a high-performance bowling ball like the Infinite Physix is your local pro shop. Pro shop technicians are experts who can watch you bowl, measure your span, hand size, and finger holes to ensure you get a perfect custom fit.

They can also advise you on the ideal weight for your skill level and bowling style. Many pro shops offer discounts or freebies like a ball bag or towels when you purchase from them.

Online Retailers

For convenience, you may want to purchase from an online bowling retailer like Bowling, or These sites offer a huge selection of balls and let you easily compare specs and reviews.

However, you do miss out on the custom fitting and expert advice you’d get from a pro shop. Be very careful to measure your hand and choose a ball weight suitable for you if buying online. Many sites do offer returns and exchanges if the ball isn’t the best match.

Second-Hand Sites

If you’re on a budget, check sites like eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for used Infinite Physix balls. You may be able to find a gently used ball for significantly less than a new one. Just be aware the ball may be drilled for another bowler’s fingers, so it likely won’t fit you perfectly without plugging and re-drilling the holes.

The coverstock and core may also be more worn, impacting ball motion and hook potential. But for casual bowlers, a used high-performance ball can still be a great, affordable option.

Final Thought

Infinite Physix bowling ball is a high-performance ball that can give you a serious edge over the competition. With its advanced core and coverstock technology providing unmatched hook potential and pin action.

The eye-catching designs and colors are just icing on the cake. Whether you’re a beginner bowler looking to take your game to the next level or a pro wanting the latest and greatest gear, the Infinite Physix should be at the top of your wish list. Thank you all for reading this article.

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