Venom Bowling Ball

The Venom Bowling Ball is a striking choice for pro bowlers who want to enhance their performance. It features the GearTM weight block, promoting a strong and predictable hook. The hybrid coverstock, blending solid and pearl components, ensures adaptability to varying lane conditions. Its vibrant design isn’t just for show – it signifies the ball’s aggressive backend reaction.

With a mid-lane read and powerful backend motion, the Venom stands out for its versatility and ability to handle medium to heavy oil patterns. Keep reading this article to know more about the venom bowling ball.

What Is the Venom Bowling Ball?

The Venom bowling ball is one of the most popular performance balls from Brunswick. It features an aggressive, angular ball motion that bites hard into the pocket.

Its line comes in several models for different oil conditions, from light to heavy. The balls in this line are best suited for experienced bowlers with high ball speeds who want a ball to aggressively attack the pins.

The Venom line is made of a durable reactive resin coverstock surrounding a pancake weight block core. The reactive coverstock grabs onto the lane to create backend hook potential and strong pin action.

Its pancake core helps the ball continue through the pin deck for maximum pin carry. The combination of the coverstock and core in the Venom balls results in a quick response time, strong mid-lane roll, and powerful backend reaction.

Some of the models in the Venom line include:

  • Venom Shock: Best for light to medium oil. It has a hybrid coverstock and modified pancake core for a smooth motion with a strong backend.
  • Venom Recoil: Ideal for medium oil. It features a solid reactive coverstock and pancake core for a fast response time and angular backend reaction.
  • Venom Adrenaline: For heavy oil. It has an aggressive solid reactive coverstock and pancake core for a strong mid-lane roll and backend.
  • Venom Panic: Also for heavy oil. It has the strongest coverstock in the Venom line as well as an enhanced pancake core. It’s the most aggressive ball in the Venom series.

With several models for different lane conditions, the Venom line from Brunswick offers high performance balls for bowlers seeking a fast, angular reaction. The combination of reactive coverstocks and pancake weight blocks in these balls results in a powerful motion for knocking down pins.

Key Features of Venom Bowling Ball

The Venom line of bowling balls from Brunswick are high performance balls designed for serious bowlers looking to improve their game. Here are some features that make Venom balls stand out:

Aggressive Reactive Coverstock

Venom balls use a reactive resin coverstock that really grabs the lane, allowing for a strong backend reaction and plenty of hook potential. The covers are tuned to match the needs of different bowler styles and lane conditions.

The cover on the Venom Shock, for example, is one of the most aggressive to give maximum hook on heavy oil, while the Venom Recoil has a smoother cover for control on drier lanes.

Asymmetrical Core

At the heart of every Venom ball is an asymmetrical core, like the distinctive oval-shaped core in the Venom Shock or the gear-shaped core in the Venom Recoil.

Asymmetrical cores create an imbalance in the ball that causes it to change direction more dramatically, resulting in a sharp backend hook motion. The cores are designed to match with the specific coverstock of each ball to produce the desired reaction.

Versatile and High-Performing

With over 15 balls currently in the Venom line, there’s a high-performance option for almost any bowler on any lane condition. Venom balls are built to deliver a strong, angular reaction for striking power. They’re also very versatile, able to handle a variety of oil volumes and patterns.

Great Durability

Venom balls are built to withstand the punishment of high-rev bowlers. The coverstocks and cores are very durable, maintaining their performance over many games. With proper care and maintenance, a Venom ball can remain a go-to weapon in your bag for several seasons.

Trusted Brand and Technology

Brunswick has been manufacturing top-quality bowling balls for over 125 years. The Venom line utilizes Brunswick’s latest innovative technology, designs, and materials to deliver proven, high-performance bowling balls that bowlers can trust. When you buy a Venom, you’re getting a ball from the industry leader.

What are the Types of Venom Bowling Balls

There are three main types of Venom bowling balls to choose from: reactive, urethane, and plastic. Each has its pros and cons depending on your playing style and skill level.


Reactive bowling balls are the most popular and versatile. They are made of a reactive resin or urethane coverstock that grips the lane for a strong hook potential. Reactive balls like the Venom Shock, Cobra, and Recoil are excellent for most league and tournament play.

They require a higher ball speed and rev rate to activate the resin and get the ball to react down the lane. Reactive balls offer the best combination of hook and control for most bowlers.


Urethane bowling balls like the Venom Panic have a coverstock made of pure urethane material. They have a dull finish and lower hook potential, producing a smooth, arcing motion down the lane.

These balls are good for dry lane conditions and straighter shots. They require less hand position and release finesse to throw accurately. Urethane is a great choice if you want more control and less hook.


Plastic bowling balls such as the Venom Spare have a basic plastic coverstock with little to no hook potential. They go straight down the lane with virtually no reaction.

These balls are primarily used for spare shots and very dry lane conditions. They require little to no adjustments to your release and hand position. Plastic balls are the most basic but also the most controllable reaction.

Venom Bowling Ball Performance Reviews

The Venom bowling ball line from Columbia 300 is designed for bowlers looking for a balance of power and control. Reviews of the Venom bowling balls show they provide great performance for both recreational and competitive bowlers.

The Venom Recoil

The Venom Recoil is a popular choice for bowlers wanting a ball that hits hard while still being easy to control. It features a hybrid reactive coverstock and a symmetrical core that provides a smooth ball motion.

According to reviews, the Venom Recoil is ideal for bowlers with a medium rev rate looking for a good benchmark ball. It provides a strong, arcing motion on medium to heavy oil conditions. The matte black finish also gives it a sleek, intimidating look.

The Venom Shock

For bowlers wanting an earlier and more angular reaction, the Venom Shock is a top choice. It has a solid reactive coverstock with a low RG symmetrical core.

Reviews say this combination gives the Venom Shock a quick response time and strong backend reaction, especially on medium oil conditions. 

The bright green and black swirl colors also make a bold statement. Its Shock is a great option if you’re looking to open up the lane with an aggressive ball motion.

Other Options

The Venom line also includes several other options like the Venom Panic, Venom Adrenaline, and Venom Fear. Each provides a different level of aggressiveness to match various bowling styles and lane conditions. From entry level up to high performance, the Venom line has a ball for every bowler.

Benefits of Using Venom Bowling Ball

When choosing a bowling ball, the Venom line from Brunswick should be at the top of your list. Here are some key benefits of using a Venom bowling ball:

Superior Performance

Venom bowling balls are designed for maximum performance. They feature innovative core shapes that provide strong, arcing ball motion for high rev bowlers and snap at the backend for lower rev bowlers.

The hybrid and solid reactive coverstock offer a perfect blend of traction and speed through the heads. Whether you need a ball to tackle heavy oil or burn up the backends, there’s a Venom that will match up to any condition.

High Quality Construction

Brunswick has been manufacturing top-quality bowling equipment for over 125 years. Their expertise shines through in the Venom series. Each ball is carefully constructed with the highest grade materials for durability and a consistent roll every time you throw it. 

The coverstocks are baked and finished to a smooth, glossy surface that looks as good as it rolls. You’ll get many seasons of use from a Venom ball thanks to Brunswick’s unparalleled quality.

Eye-Catching Styles

Venom balls feature some of the coolest designs in bowling. There are solids in deep jewel tones, pearlescents with a metallic sheen, and hybrids with colorful swirls and splatters in the coverstock.

The stylish graphics are printed with high-definition ink that won’t chip or scratch off over time. Look good and bowl great with a Venom ball.

Suitable for All Skill Levels

Whether you’re just getting into bowling or have been throwing strikes for years, there’s a Venom ball that will match your skill level. The Viper and Cobra series offer control and hook potential for beginners and recreational bowlers.

The premium Shock, Recoil and Intimidator lines provide the performance needed for avid league and tournament play. As your game improves, you can move up through the Venom series.

Helpful Product Specs

Brunswick provides detailed specs for each Venom ball so you can choose the right one for your game. The specs include RG (radius of gyration) rating, differential, and intermediate differential which indicate the ball’s potential track flare and hooking action. The coverstock material, finish, and factory polish are also listed. Using the specs, you can compare different Venom balls to find your perfect match.

How to Buy the Best Venom Bowling Balls

You’re in the market for a new Venom bowling ball. With so many options, it can be tricky to choose. Here are some tips to help you select the best Venom ball for your game:


The weight of your bowling ball is one of the most important factors. You want a ball that you can control and release smoothly. For most adult bowlers, a 15-16 pound ball is a good choice.

Heavier balls (16 pounds and up) drive harder into the pins but require more effort to throw accurately. Lighter balls are easier to throw but may not knock down as many pins. Choose a weight that you can release comfortably and still drive into the pocket.


The coverstock refers to the material on the outer surface of the ball. Venom offers coverstocks in plastic, urethane, reactive resin and particle materials. Plastic and urethane coverstocks have a smooth finish good for straight shots.

Reactive resin and particle coverstocks grip the lane better for hooking action. As a beginner, a mid-range reactive coverstock is a versatile choice. For more advanced bowlers, consider a stronger solid or pearlized reactive coverstock.


The core shape inside the ball affects how much it hooks. Symmetrical cores hook less, while asymmetrical cores create more track flare and hooking action.

As a beginner, stick with a symmetrical core or slightly asymmetrical core. More advanced bowlers can choose an asymmetrical core for maximum hook potential.


How do you want to use your Venom ball? As your primary strike ball, spare ball or for certain conditions? A versatile reactive resin ball can work for both strikes and spares.

Stronger solid coverstocks are best for heavy oil lane conditions. Weaker coverstocks work better on drier lanes. Choose a ball that matches how and where you want to use it.


Venom bowling balls range from $50 up to $200 or more, depending on features. As a beginner, you don’t need the most expensive ball. Look for a good, versatile ball in the $50 to $100 range. Once you improve, you can invest in more advanced equipment. 

Shopping for a new Venom bowling ball doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on getting the right weight, coverstock, core and purpose for your needs and skill level. With the right ball choice, you’ll be knocking down pins in no time!

Drilling and Maintenance Tips for Venom Bowling Balls

To get the most out of your Venom bowling ball, proper drilling and ongoing maintenance are key. Here are some tips to keep your ball rolling true and hitting hard.

Get the Right Fit

The most important thing is to get your Venom ball drilled to precisely fit your fingers and thumb. An improperly fitted ball won’t release cleanly and can lead to injury or inconsistency.

Work with your pro shop to measure your span, finger size, and desired finger pitches. They can then drill the custom finger holes and thumb hole to suit your unique hand size and release.

Clean After Each Use

After bowling, wipe down the entire ball with a clean, soft cloth to remove any oil, dirt or debris. Pay extra attention to the finger holes. Built-up oil and grime can cause the ball to stick to your fingers during release, impacting your accuracy and ball motion.

For stuck-on dirt, you may need to use a ball cleaner and scrubber pad. Rinse the ball with water and dry completely with a towel before storing.

Rejuvenate the Surface

Over time, the ball’s factory finish will start to wear down, causing it to lose some of that sharp backend reaction. Use an abrasive ball surface pad, like 180 or 220 grit, to lightly sand the surface and open up the pores.

Then re-polish the ball using a ball polish compound to restore the factory finish and snap. Do this as needed when you notice the ball isn’t reacting the way it used to.

Plug and Redrill as Needed

If your finger span or pitches change over time, it’s a good idea to get the finger holes re- drilled. As the holes get bigger or more oval-shaped, the ball won’t release off your hand the same way.

For big span changes, you may need to plug the old holes and drill a completely new set of custom finger holes. Your pro shop can handle assessing if you need a re-drill or full plug and re-drill.

Venom Bowling Balls for Beginners vs Pros

When looking at Venom bowling balls, you’ll find options suitable for both beginners and more advanced bowlers. As a new bowler, focus on more entry-level reactive resin balls, while pro bowlers will want high-performance balls for greater hook potential and pin action.

Beginner Balls

If you’re just getting into bowling, check out beginner-friendly Venom balls like the Venom Shock or Cobra. These provide an easy-rolling, controllable reaction for developing your release and form.

The Shock uses a light-weight core to minimize track flare, while the Cobra has an entry- level hybrid coverstock. Either is ideal for straight shots or small hooks.

Once you’ve got the basics down, move up to a mid-performance ball like the Venom Recoil or Venom Panic. These step up to a medium-RG, high-differential core and hybrid reactive coverstock for more hooks without being overpowering. The Panic, in particular, is very forgiving and suited to developing different release techniques.

Advanced Balls

For pros and high-rev bowlers, Venom’s high-performance balls offer strong, angular reactions designed to maximize strikes. The Venom Shocking and Venom Adrenaline provide fast, violent reactions for opening up the lane.

The Shocking uses an asymmetric core and solid reactive cover, while the Adrenaline has a symmetric core and hybrid cover for a more controllable motion.

The top-level Venom Finale and Venom Recoil Carbon/Black Ops bring carbon fiber or hybrid coverstocks for maximum hook potential. The Finale asymmetric core and carbon fiber cover creates an early, aggressive roll. It is ideal for heavy oil.

On the other hand, the Recoil Carbon and Black Ops also use asymmetric cores but with hybrid covers for a fast, angular hook motion on medium to heavy oil.

Final Thought

The Venom bowling ball has been leading the way for years. With the new releases, they continue to set the standard for innovation and excellence. When you’re ready to take your game to the next level, Venom is the way to go.  With the variety of weights, colors, and performance levels to choose from, you’re sure to find a Venom ball that matches your style and skills. Thank you all for reading this article.

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