Difference Between Urethane and Reactive Resin Bowling Balls

The reactive resin bowling ball delivers a maximum hook potential than the urethane ball. You’ll understand this fact when you compete between the two popular bowling ball types. Why does the reactive resin ball provide maximized hook potential compared to the urethane ball? While thinking about it, you’ll differentiate the weight of both bowling balls. The Reactive resin balls are heavier than the urethane ball; perhaps, the reactive resin balls provide better performance than the urethane bowling ball. Hopefully, it won’t be challenging to differentiate urethane Versus reactive resin bowling balls. There are higher differences between urethane vs reactive resin bowling balls. In today’s article, we’ll disclose them by comparing these popular types of bowling balls.

The differences between two bowling ball

Durability and sustainability are the most demanding factors in bowling balls. Luckily, both the urethane and reactive resin balls include the features. And that’s why the bowler keeps the balls at their first choice, whether they’re a professional or intermediate player. Still, it’s not surprising to get differences between the urethane and reactive resin balls.

There we’ll differentiate the urethane Vs Reactive resin bowling balls.

Differencing FactorsUrethane Bowling BallsReactive Resin Bowling Balls
RecognitionThe urethane balls are recognized as the entry and intermediate-level bowling balls.Reactive resin balls are recognized as pro-level bowling balls.
PopularityThe urethane balls are famous for their dynamic controllability in harsh, dry lane conditions.The reactive resin balls are famous for their high hook potentiality and excellent controllability.
ControllabilityThe urethane bowling balls are easier to control as they don’t weigh so much comparatively.First-timers, entry-level and intermediate bowlers can easily bowl with the urethane ball. Even some pro-level bowlers prefer to bowl with urethane balls.
HookingComparatively, the urethane ball provides a low backend hook. Still, their hook ability is better compared to the reactive resin.Contrarily, the reactive resin balls provide a maximum level of hooking to the pro-level bowlers.
FrictionThe increased pores offer greater friction to the bowling ball. Indeed, the increased friction leads the ball to deflect less while throwing the ball horribly.  The reactive resin balls have the most significant number of reactive pores in their body. Perhaps that’s why the balls can generate a greater hook than the urethane bowling ball.
Bowling ExpertsThe first-timers, entry-level and intermediate bowlers can easily bowl with the urethane ball. Even some pro-level bowlers prefer to bowl with urethane balls.The reactive resin balls are absolutely not for first-timers and straight bowlers. But the intermediate and pro-level bowlers can easily handle the bowling ball.
CoverstockThe urethane Coverstock doesn’t allow the urethane ball to stick to the lane like the reactive resin balls. Still, you’ll get a decent level of connection with the bowling lane.The upgraded version of polyurethane Coverstock allows the reactive resin balls to stick to the lane surfaces deeply.

Which One Is Preferable to Choose?

It’s normal to get confused to choose the right bowling ball when you get two quality bowling balls – the urethane and reactive resin bowling ball. Before you identify the suitable ball for your bowling game, let’s determine your expertise level. That’s because buying quality and suitable bowling balls primarily depends on your expertise level.

Preferring the Urethane Bowling Balls

Everyone can play with the urethane bowling ball, from the experts to the beginners. But, the first-timer, entry-level, and intermediate bowler prefers to throw the ball straightly as that’s the only skill they learn. Indeed, the Coverstock of the urethane ball allows you to bowl straightly instead of hooking. So, the urethane bowling ball is the right option when you belong to First-timer, entry-level, and intermediate bowlers. Even when you’re trying hard to become a professional-level bowler from intermediate, you can still use the urethane ball. Unlike the reactive resin, the urethane balls can still create a decent amount of hook.

Preferring the Reactive Resin Bowling Ball

We would suggest selecting the reactive resin balls when you’re an expert or trying to become an expert. With the upgraded polyurethane Coverstock, the reactive resin balls stick to the lane in every condition. Whilst sticking to the lane, the resin balls have maximum hooks that aggressively hit the bowling pins. Actually, the pro-level bowlers use different techniques to get a higher speed level and hook. So, the reactive resin balls are preferable for the pro-level bowler as the balls need a unique technique to handle. Nevertheless, beginners who want to improve their bowling skills can start their game with reactive resin bowling balls. When you want to improve your game, just figure out the best reactive resin bowling ball for beginners.


What is the Lifespan of A Reactive Resin Bowling Ball?

The routine maintenance and proper cleaning of the reactive resin ball last for 5-10 years. The ball absorbs lots of oil when you throw it on the oily lane. If you don’t clean the oil daily, you’ll lose your ball sooner than expected. That’s because the built-up oil and debris reduce the effectiveness and reliability of your reactive resin balls.

Are Urethane Balls Good for Oily Lanes?

With greater traction, the urethane bowling balls perform best in the light-to-medium oily lane condition. Frankly, the smoother transition on the oily lane helps to hit the bowling pins every time. With their dynamic controllability, the bowling balls also get enough hold in the harsh, dry lane condition.

The Sum up

Among the most popular bowling balls, it’s hard to identify the most suitable one. After our discussion on urethane bowling balls Vs. Reactive resin, you must know now what to do. Clearly, the urethane bowling balls are for beginner and intermediate players. And reactive resin bowling balls are suitable for pro-level and advanced bowlers. All over everything, the heavy weight of the urethane balls makes it different from the urethane balls.

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