Guide for Basic Equipment is Needed for Bowling

Bowling now becomes more than an as usual sport. Whether for casual purpose or professional competition-in both cases this sports has conquered the heart of all ages people. You also want to get a taste of the sweetness of this incredible game, so first, you have to know all the basic requirements of this sport. You might saw this game several times on your television or nearby shopping center playing zone. But when you own are on an intention to play this game, yes, obviously you should know the rules of this game-how to play bowling ball, what basic equipment is needed for a bowling ball, etc. This article especially for beginners, who yet don’t know how to play bowling ball, who has a blurred idea about this game equipment. So why we are still waiting for? Let’s read the article from first to last to make you competitive from your just beginner level.

List of basic equipment needed for bowling

1. Bowling Ball

It is the first and foremost items need to play bowling. You need a perfect bowling ball to strike on the bowling pins so that you can separate them to fall sown apart. Bowling games like Ten-pin, Candlepin, or Duckpin bowling, all need a perfect ball that you can hold firmly, can get a grip, and can release with proper spin.

Consider the bawling ball weight, material, and size before you purchase this. According to your preference, finger, and hand size, you can customize your ball selection.

You may hear the name of a house bowling ball. For very beginners, this ball could be an alternate but for the player who wants to challenge the professional bowlers, mandatory to have a professional sports bowling ball.

2. Microfiber Towels

Or you can also use a bowling mitt. Whether a microfiber towel or a bowling mitt is mandatory for the bowling ball. You must know in every sport (responsible for your body sweating) of course need a towel. So why do you need a towel in this game? It has usually two purposes. The first one is for cleaning your bowl, especially when it becomes greasy upon the contract of a greasy lane (though it is exceptional). And the other is to make you cool after each shot! However, you can also use this item to make your hand dry, before playing the next shot if you have a hand-sweating problem.

3. Bowling shoe

A good pair of bowling ball not only a good impression on your gaming look, but also help to play well. Yes, if you are on a challenging or competitive activity this shoe is must need for you. An occasional player may bypass this item if is not serious about the game. However, get a nice pair of bowling shoes from your nearby bowling alley or bowling item shop. So what is the specialty of such shoes? If somehow you lose your balance on your footing on any wet bowling lane, you may fall down and your old traditional shoes may help you totally zero in that case. Seriously the bowling shoes will prevent you from any damage in such a scenario. Ultimately you can catch a good shot, preventing you from getting down in the motion! This shoe also will help you move swiftly! Also, it will protect you from any damage. So wear a good pair of bowling ball shoes before starting the game.

4. Bowling Gloves

Perhaps it is the most neglected item in the bowling game. But seriously this item also plays a vital role in bowling ball playing, therefore it is also a necessary item. When you want to release the bowling ball, must be you rotate your hand frequently, must be you are holding the ball tactically using your three fingers. As you want to create a spin on the bowling ball, you must want to release the ball with a strong grip trap, so that you can directly strike the bowling pin. So a huge pressure is created in such a scenario on your hand palm, ligaments, and joints on your fingers. To protect against any kind of injury, you need to take precautions. And wearing bowling gloves is that precaution. A pair of good bowling gloves obviously will assist your ball release, and also will take care of your limbs & joints.

5. Bowling Bags

So it’s a little bit for the professional bowlers. You might see in various tournaments no players come without their bowling bags. It’s not only a sign of professionalism, rather than a roomy bag is pretty helpful to carry all your needy items to beat your competitors. Whether for local excursions or for a long-distance event, take a bowling bag with multi compartments, and a few pockets so that you can carry all your necessary items inside your bag easily. Bowling items like-the bowling shoes, bowling gloves, grip, bowling ball (sometimes), bowling towel, polish, or anything else you can carry inside this bag. Even your water bottle, car key, cell phone, and other tiny items-also could easily keep them inside this bag while you are on the lane for your move!

6. Games Outfits

No casual bowlers own the bowling games outfits. The fact is, I rarely see this! This outfit is mandatory for professional players. But besides this, the occasional player also could wear this, as it brings a professional look which helps to be focused on the game, I think! It is not always true that, your regular outfits will always give your hand enough space for any kind of swing (backswing, front swing, angling, and others too). But the Bowling games outfits are designed to give you spacious space for any sort of swing efficiently. So pick the perfect game attire in the mess of lots of bowling-specific apparel in the market.

7. Grip Tape

Have you ever seen a few children playing with crickets in the backyard? If you got a chance to see it, please try to see their cricket ball. This ball is rounded with red or black colored tape heavily. Do you know why they covered their cricket ball with tape gum? So that they could get enough grip on their ball before releasing it. In such a way a grip tape also powerfully impacts the bowling ball. The bowling ball grip tape prevents the slip-out of the ball from the bowler and provides them enough grip to hold the ball correctly to release it on time. A grip tape is nothing but an adhesive cloth placed to attach your fingers more closely to the ball pad. So using this tape will support you more, and will provide a firm shot. Therefore a bowling ball grip tape is must needed item for the bowling game.

Is There Expensive Equipment Needed For Bowling?

If you are intended to purchase all the bowling equipment from a reputed brand with the highest quality -it may cut a little more from your pocket. But usually, bowling does not demand too much like swimming, ballet, or cricket demands. You can buy cheap bowling equipment. My suggestion, in that case, is never to hurry to purchase those when you are on a tight budget. You know, there is a proverb, the more sugar, the sweeter it is! So the more money you will expanse, certainly you will get the highest quality materials which will sustain for too long. However, you can play bowling in your formal uniform as well. Only just the bowling ball, and the spin! That’s it!

Besides all of these, if you cannot afford for bowling equipment, but still want to wear those-you can rent those from your nearby bowling ball club.


What are the 10 things in bowling called?

Usually, it is 10 rounds! It is called Frames. If it is a 10 pins game, then it is called the 10 Pin Bowling Ball game. In each round of this game, one single player got the chance to hit the pins twice!

What is the most important thing in bowling?

Your stance, footing, and your body movement. Also, your aim to target the pin is important. The secret of ideal bowling is keeping the elbow and the wrist in a straight line while releasing the ball. Also, the wrist needs to keep steady for a better shot.


Finally, technology has upgraded too much! Now we even can’t think of playing with bowling balls with one pair of bowling shoes, grip tape the bowling outfits. But when we are teenaged, we used to play these wonderful games just which we were worn at our school! We used to play at our school sports auditorium. So whether you have the upgraded bowling equipment or not, not an important matter if you are occasional. But professional events never will consider these items for you. That’s all on what basic equipment is needed for bowling balls. Please tell me if I missed anything important.

Good luck.

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