What Bowling Ball Should You Get

Selecting the right bowling ball enhances your bowling performance. Undoubtedly, a bowling ball is a crucial accessory for playing a bowling game. But you can’t easily select a bowling ball unless you’re a fan of a bowling ball’s brand. There’re individual factors to consider when selecting a bowling ball. What bowling ball should I get – comes a common question from the bowling lovers like you. There’s no clear specification for which ball you should get. Your expertise level is the primary factor to consider when selecting a bowling ball. Only you and your mentor know how expert you are! So, before picking our article, ask your mentor or any advanced bowler to monitor your expertise level. Have you done it? Now, let’s get started!

The Guidelines to Follow for Getting the Suitable Ball

Well, when you’re struggling hard thinking about what ball you should get, that means you’re a beginner. Admittedly, the bowler trying to step into the advanced level to beginners also inquires about the ball they should get. That’s why we’ve decorated our article with the features of a quality bowling ball. Finding quality bowling balls from the best brand will become easier when you consider our given factors.


According to the advanced bowlers, the ideal weight for the ball is 10% of the total weight of the bowler. That’s because a person’s weight increases his strength to carry a ball with flexibility. Accordingly, the balls should be 10 pounds for 100 pounds of weight of the bowler. Typically, the advanced bowler plays with a 15 to 16-pound as they know the technique of handling a bowling ball.

Bowling Coverstock

The Coverstock of a bowling ball defines how your bowling ball will react on the bowling lane. Indeed, the beginner-friendly Coverstock reacts differently than the expert-level Coverstock. There’re endless bowling balls with multiple brands and Coverstock. Here we introduced the Coverstock facts based on your expertise level. So, grab the suitable one that goes close to your expertise level.

Plastic Balls

Plastic balls are produced for bowlers with zero experience in the bowling game. Like urethane and reactive resin, plastic balls don’t provide an excellent grip. Furthermore, the bowling balls’ speed is also not as fast as other professional balls. Consequently, you might’ve to make several efforts to strike the bowling goals.

Urethane Balls

The urethane Coverstock creates an all-rounder bowling ball suitable for both the professional and beginner. The ball goes straight and knocks to the pin, so the beginner can easily handle it. The urethane balls are also suitable for advanced bowlers because of producing higher hooks than plastic balls.

Reactive Resin Balls

Reactive resin Coverstock is a new innovation in the bowling industry and is popular among pro-level bowlers. Actually, the balls produce a strong hook both in dry and oily lane conditions. Possibly that’s why the advanced bowlers find the balls suitable for their game. Hardly, you’ll get reactive resin balls for beginners. If you want to get a beginner-friendly resin ball, you might’ve to give some effort to get quality ones.

Particle Balls

The recent innovation of the reactive resin balls is best known as the particle balls. The particle balls are innovated to create more speed, better friction, and control on the oily lane condition. Perhaps that’s the reason the particle balls are reserved for the most experienced bowlers.

Which Ball is Best as The First Bowling Ball?

The plastic balls don’t produce excellent grip on the oily lane or speed like the pro-level ball. Still, the balls are always a better choice for entry-level bowlers having zero bowling experience. If you want to move from the entry-level to the expert level, practice regularly; and replace your ball from beginner to pro level to ensure the best performance.

The Sum Up!

You must choose a bowling ball that matches your expertise level. Usually, bowling balls are categorized based on the experience level of the bowlers. So, when you’re confused about what bowling ball I should get, we suggest first picking your expertise level. Only then can our guidelines help you to choose suitable bowling balls.

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