What Bowling Balls Do Professionals Use

Using a pro-level bowling ball dramatically improves your performance and enhances the chance of scoring. Therefore, to become a professional-level bowler, you’ll need a pro-level bowling ball besides physical strength, skill, and practice. But, what bowling ball do the pros use to improve their performance? Honestly, it’s hard to reply when you’re choosing pro-level bowling balls. It’s also the fact that when you’re trying to improve your gameplay from basic to pro-level, the ordinary bowling ball won’t work. You’ll need a heavier bowling ball that ranges between 15 to 16 pounds. Considering the Cover Stock and inner material of the bowling ball is equally important for creating a more substantial hit. Let’s be honest about what bowling balls do the pros use and consider the factors they consider when buying!

What Bowling Balls Do the Pros Use?

The straight bowler needs a pro-level bowling ball when they’re trying to improve their performances. Are you playing the bowling ball almost regularly with greater dedication and want to learn new bowling tricks? If you’re converting from the basic pro-level player, you’ll need similar types of bowling balls. So, what bowling ball do the pros use? The pro bowlers buy and use the highest hook rating bowling ball in a sentence. The pro-level bowling ball refers to the balls that can create a more excellent hook and curve. Indeed, creating a significant hook, spin, and curve primarily depends on the weight of your bowling balls. Your tricks and practice are also important for having greater hooks, but weight causes vast differences.

The average weight of a pro-level bowling ball can’t be less or more than 15 to 16 pounds. Besides, Coverstock must be made of high-quality materials for moving to the oily lanes.

Typically, the Brunswick DV8 Quantum and hammer bowling balls are two popular pro-level bowling balls. Everything, including the Coverstock, weight, and material, makes the bowling balls perfect for professionals.

What Weight of Bowling Balls Do Pros Use?

The heavier bowling ball helps to create aggressive hits to the bowling pins with its smoother hooks. But it’s impossible to buy the highest-weight bowling ball you can’t handle. Buying heavier balls beyond your capacity might reduce your bowling performance.

Typically, the weight for the heavier ball should range from 14 to 16 pounds (For males), depending on your weight. For the female, the weight of the pro-level bowling ball must range from 10 to 14 pounds.

What are the Materials of a Pro-level Bowling Ball?

Based on the condition of your lane surface, choose the Coverstock material of the bowling ball. Professional players typically prefer to play with bowling balls made of hybrid or particle Coverstock. That means you must buy the bowling ball, including the urethane or reactive resin Coverstock, for playing like professionals. The professional bowling ball is filled with ceramic or a blend of glass microbubbles. Both the ceramic and microbubble material makes a pro-level quality bowling ball; nevertheless, the ceramic filler makes the bowling ball more professional.

How Many Bowling Balls Do Pros Use?

Most professional bowlers keep around five bowling balls to continue their gameplay. Experienced bowlers need lots of practice to obtain expertise in the bowling game.

So, when they throw a ball to the bowling pins, it’s impossible to collect the ball and throw it again. Possibly that’s why they keep at least five bowling balls. However, professional bowlers must consider the bowling lane conditions when bowling. A professional bowler has to attend different bowling matches at different places. And it’s undefined which types of lane conditions he will face. Playing with different types of bowling balls keeps him habituated to different types of lane conditions. However, it’s not compulsory to get 5 bowling balls when you’re just proceeding from the straight bowler to the professional level. Getting 5 bowling balls at your court must be costly. If you’re moving from beginner to professional level, you should get 2 bowling balls. You should gradually increase the number when obtaining more professionalism.

The Sum Up!

Handling the bowling ball requires lots of dedication and practice; only then can you fulfill your dream of becoming a pro-level bowler. If you want to get promoted as a pro-level bowler, you must get a professional-level bowling ball. So, what bowling ball do the pros use – knowing the fact becomes compulsory to buy suitable balls.

The pro-level bowling balls are heavier and feature the professional-level Coverstock and so on.

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