What Causes A Bowling Ball to Crack

Buying a new bowling ball causes pretty significant expenses making the bowlers look for a long-lasting bowling ball. But the long-lastingness and durability of a bowling ball depend on its proper maintenance, among other factors. The average durability of the bowling ball ranges from 5 to 10 years, even more.

But, it depends on the manufacturing company and proper maintenance. Without proper maintenance, your ball won’t last for long even though you buy it from a famous brand. Alternatively, your bowling ball might get cracked due to a lack of proper maintenance.

What causes a bowling ball to crack and how to overcome the situation becomes questionable then. Grabbing all your attention, we’ll disclose the factor that cracks your bowling ball. For your sake, we’ll also discuss how to get your old bowling ball back.

Explain the causes of a bowling ball to crack

Your bowling ball might get cracked whilst drilling the finger hole. That’s why you must hire an experienced driller to drill the finger holes into your bowling ball. Besides the significant cause, multiple factors can cause a crack in your bowling ball. So, what causes a bowling ball to crack – let’s identify what to overcome.

Extreme Temperature

The bowling material gets cracked due to the extreme temperature contract. Whether it’s extremely hot or cold, both are dangerous for the exterior of the bowling ball. Actually, the expansion and contraction of the environment cause severe cracks to your ball from the surfaces.

Wrong Throwing

Mishandling and wrong throwing also cause cracks on your bowling ball. Often, bad throwing causes you to not handle the weight of the ball. However, you usually can fail to handle the bowling ball when you’re a novice player. Even though you’re experienced in bowling, you can still drop the ball accidentally anywhere. The accidental dropping might cause cracks in your bowling ball and eventually make it unusable.

End of Actual Lifespan

Your bowling ball might start to deteriorate when its actual lifespan is over. Indeed, your long-lasting bowling ball isn’t going to last a lifetime. After a specific period, the ball can’t deal with the surrounding circumstances. Gradually, the bowling ball starts to show signs of a crack, and the curation for the damage won’t last so long.


When the bowling ball encounters excessive temperature, gradually, the sign starts to appear. The ball absorbs the excess water and moisture that it gets. The moisture causes a chemical reaction to your bowling ball, and consequently, the ball starts to crack. Therefore, you must avoid keeping your bowling ball under excessive heat, particularly when it’s just drilled.

Inappropriate Storage

Improper storage and maintenance are the most crucial reason for cracked bowling balls. A bowler must learn how to store the bowling equipment appropriately besides learning bowling tricks. The bowling balls are dense and heavy. The weight becomes a curse for the bowling ball when it’s placed in an unsecured place. Due to the weight, the Coverstock of the ball tends to scratch, and the ball cracks itself.

Exposure to Air

Longtime exposure to air is a severe cause for getting cracked onto the bowling ball. Most importantly, the insulated surface causes sudden and unexpected cracks in your bowling ball.

Phasing and Sweating

Phasing discolors your bowling ball and cracks it relatively faster. Due to the cold condition in your region, the Coverstock of the bowling ball might lose its actual color. Gradually, the discoloration wears out the Coverstock and leads the bowling ball to crack.

What to Do with The Cracked Bowling Ball?

When you notice the appearance of a crack on your bowling ball, take the necessary action. Otherwise, you might have to lose your ball and replace it with the newest one. Definitely, it costs more than repairing the ball.

Shortly, the small crack on the bowling ball gets wider and eventually causes higher costs. You can still remove the visible and intermediator cracks of your bowling ball; now, how to fix a cracked bowling ball when you don’t have an idea for repair and maintenance? Stick to us to improve your cracked bowling ball easily with lower costs.

How to Fix a Cracked Bowling Ball?

If you’ve experienced simple dye projects, then fixing the small flaws of your bowling ball won’t be that difficult. You’ll just need some repairing tools and processes we suggest.

Tools and Equipment, You’ll Need

The tools and equipment you’ll need for fixing your bowling ball are,

  • Bowling ball
  • Bowling ball cup
  • Sealant
  • Sanding paper
  • Polish

Step 1: Apply the Sealant and Accelerators

Mix the sealant and accelerators appropriately and apply them to the cracks of your bowling ball. Undoubtedly, you’ll notice a fantastic result after the application of sealant.

Step 2: Sand the Bowling Ball

Let the applied sealant dry onto your bowling ball and start processing the ball for sanding. You won’t need to do anything much; just fix the ball onto the bowling cup. The bowling cup prevents the bowling ball from moving back and forth; sanding the surface of the bowling ball will become easier.

As you’ve finally set your bowling ball, now sand the bowling ball to remove the grits and chips. Don’t apply the sandpaper aggressively or hard. The aggressive application of the sandpaper might weaken the surface of the bowling ball.

Step 3: It’s Time for Polishing

So, you’re almost done! Both the sealant application and sanding have been completed. Your final task is now maintaining the shininess of the bowling ball. Apply the polish spray around the ball’s surface and leave it in a dry and cool place.

How Do You Stop Bowling Balls from Cracking?

There’s a proverb that precaution is always better than prevention. Similarly, protecting the bowling ball from a crack is better than fixing and repairing a cracked ball. Nobody wants to see cracks on his bowling ball, but not everybody knows the storing process.

Use a Ziplock or garbage bag to store your bowling ball and keep it in a cool and dry place. Wrap the bag tightly and ensure the air can’t insert into the ball. The storing process keeps the bowling ball safe and lasts for long years.

The Sum Up!

To keep your bowling ball usable, you must properly maintain and care for it. The bowling ball lasts longer, performs well when you regularly maintain it, and protects it from unexpected consequences. Cracking is a common situation you’ll find for your bowling ball without proper maintenance. This article explains what causes a bowling ball to crack to enlighten you about what you’re avoiding.

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