What Is a Pro CG Bowling Ball

To put it a little differently, Pro CG is a superb marketing tactic for storm bowling. Let me explain why! Manufacturers sometimes bring changes to the typical bowling ball for a specific group of players. They call balls with pins 2.5 inches or more from the ideal spin axis a Pro CG bowling ball. These balls are nothing but what some companies call Blems or 2nds. However, manufacturers call it “Pro CG” to boost their sales. Apart from that, there is also a logic behind it. A Pro-CG comes in where the need for CG ends in the bowling game. Before you know what the Pro CG is, you must first understand the CG.

What is CG (Center of Gravity)?

In a bowling ball, the Center of Gravity is the position in which it is uniformly balanced. Steadily, it is from the left side to the right side and from the thumb quad to the finger quad. The CG is the perfect balance point. If you draw a straight line through the CG or on either side of the CG, the weight will be zero. The manufacturer basically indicates this position with a label or punch mark. The distance of the CG is measured by drawing a line from the pin to the PSA. Then, the CG would be 2 ½” or more from the line you draw. The distance will vary depending on the CG’s position to the right or left.

What does PSA Denote?

Preferred Spin Axis, or PSA, no matter what you call it, is often called Mass Bias. It is categorized as the secondary pin. However, this helps to fine-tune the ball motion. The PSA has the highest Radius of Gyration (RG).

Understanding The Pro CG Bowling Ball

A Pro-CG is where the CG finishes a definite distance to the left or right of the PSA and Pin. It happens when the pin is longer than a specific set length, for example, 5 inches. This length basically defines the length of the breaking point. Usually, bowling balls come with a CG, Mass Bias (MB), and pin of the weight block markings on the ball’s outside. These markings determine where you can drill the weight holes and fingers. Thus, the ball may perform in a different way when thrown. However, Pro-CG bowling balls have these markings located in unusual positions compared to others.

That is why Pro CG is drilled in different configurations. Most professional or expert bowlers take advantage of this. Actually, Pro CG balls would satisfy a lesser percentage of high rev bowlers. It may not fit into most bowler’s categories. You must know the ball dynamics and equipment to use these balls. Even though Pro Cg balls are considered the first-quality ball, it has limited drill options. Hence, they are pretty reasonable than standard bowling balls. Maybe that’s the reason it is popular among a group of players.

Why Are Pro CG Bowling Balls Good?

  • Pro CG balls are premium-quality.
  • They are versatile.
  • They meet P.B.A, A.B.C, and U.S.B.C regulations.
  • They have a CG minimum of 2 ½” away from the line between the Mass Bias and Pin.
  • Pro Cg balls create a more solid ball reaction and entry angle.
  • They are very dynamic.
  • Pro-CG balls enable the use of larger weight holes.
  • These balls generate more hook potential.
  • Last but not least, Pro CG balls are excellent for dedicated layouts and drilling options.

How is a Pro CG ball Manufactured?

A pro-CG ball layout is created during the manufacturing process. The inner core of the bowling ball, made of powdered metal oxide, moves a little bit when drilling the pin. Then, the weight block is shifted by just a tiny amount (e.g., 1/16″- 1/32″). In the meantime, this pulls the center of gravity from the Y-axis to the Z-axis. This could be the possible cause of some balls’ CG being far from the pin to the PSA. However, this slight shift may not affect the bowling ball’s reaction but limits the drilling options. Hence, a different drilling configuration is used.  

Final Words

The Pro CG bowling ball indeed has a limited drilling option. The good news is they can be drilled using a number of drilling techniques. Depending on your preferred reaction, a Pro CG bowling ball may better suit your needs.

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