What to do With Old Bowling Balls: Best Ideas

Do you have an old bowling ball that has become less useful for you? Over time, the cover material of the bowling ball becomes less responsive and hooks less effectively. Your bowling ball might only need to be baked in order for it to be usable.

Or you actually need to get a new bowling ball in lieu of your old one. What will you do with your outdated ball then? Any thoughts? There are many things we can do with used bowling balls. Let’s find out

Reasons for not throwing away the old ball

If you take bowling seriously, you shouldn’t throw away the old ball. Being old and useless are synonymous in the case of the bowling ball. It can be useful to a competitive bowler. There are a few circumstances where you may need an old and less reactive ball. A worn-out bowling ball usually reacts the same as urethane bowling balls.

And the acceptance of the motion of a urethane ball is classic and will always be functional. Though worn-out bowling shows less reaction than a new ball, their reaction is more consistent, consistent, and smooth. You should bust out that old ball when your high-end balls are showing over-hook because of the torched oil. It might be a good choice to produce a relatively small amount of controllable hook.

The balls’ reaction is supposed to be like urethane. So, using an old ball may suffice your temptation to throw a urethane ball. If there is no issue with your old ball and storage space, keep the ball to use in a suitable lane condition. If you only possess one ball, which is getting worn out, although we suggest keeping it, we recommend buying a new ball with many hooks for the right conditions.

However, storing an old ball may appear as an issue in the case of storage and transportation, so if you have no choice but to get rid of the ball, we may suggest some options for you.

Best way what to do with your old bowling balls

Donate the old bowling Ball

There are numerous places and individuals who will gladly accept bowling ball donations. High school bowling teams, Special Olympics, youth bowling leagues, and other organizations always need equipment to make bowling for people who are eager to participate.

Bowling is certainly an expensive hobby and not easy for everyone to continue. And there are a lot of enthusiastic beginners and kids out there who would love to own a ball; why don’t you donate your ball to fuel their passion for bowling?

The right place to donate the ball

Call your neighborhood bowling alley and ask them where the best spot is to donate your used ball if you’re unsure where to send it. There are many bowling alleys, and pro shop employees will be anxious to find someone who needs your bowling ball and take it off your hands.

There are still some options available to you if they refuse to accept the ball and make no suggestions as to where else to give it. Investigate bowling leagues in your area and get in touch with them.

Speak to the Special Olympics director or the high school bowling instructor. Find and reach out to area youth leagues as well. Think of someone who would gladly accept an older ball as a way to get started in the sport.

Finally, while most thrift/secondhand stores do not accept bowling balls, call around and see if you can find one that does. You can probably find someone within a few minutes who will happily take your old bowling ball.

Sell the ball

Bowling balls are frequently used for purposes other than bowling. Arts and crafts, garden decor, jewelry, and so on. When the goal isn’t to bowl with the ball, many willing people will take it off your hands for free or at a low cost. You’re unlikely to make much money, but it’s much better than throwing the ball away.

Recycle the ball

Recycling is frequently not a choice for bowling balls because the majority of them are urethane or have a core.  Recycling facilities are unable to recycle these spheres due to ethical or practical considerations.A house ball or another ball made completely of plastic might be recyclable.

Ask your neighborhood waste management business if you can recycle the ball. In addition to bowling, bowling balls are commonly used for other purposes. Jewelry, garden accents, handicrafts, etc. Many of these people will take the ball off your hands for free or inexpensive if the goal isn’t to bowl with it.

Throw it away if nothing above works for you

You can throw it away if you do not exceed the weight limit. Although this is unquestionably the worst method for getting rid of the ball, it is occasionally the only choice.


Finally, we can say, remember that there are many other options besides simply tossing away your old bowling ball. You may also take into account the following options if you’re searching for an alternative: You can repair it, resell it online, or gift it to friends or family. You have certainly given old bowling balls a lot of consideration by this point.  If any of our recommendations work for you, we’d be thrilled.

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