What Weight Bowling Ball Perfect to Use

Are you hitting the bowling lanes and wondering what weight bowling ball should I use? Well, it’s a key decision every bowler has to make when they’re bowling. Or visit the market for a new bowling ball. Throwing the wrong weight ball can make you throw the ball poorly, and also affect performance and pin carry.

Many bowlers who have been bowling for some time limit their scores by randomly choosing a ball. Choosing the right weight for you is not very complex. You just have to follow a simple rule and trust your body. And our discussion will help you with that. So, let’s find out the right weight for your bowling ball.

what bowling ball weight

What weight bowling ball should you use

There’s a popular rule of thumb for determining the weight of a bowling ball compared to your weight. According to the rule, the bowling ball’s weight should be close to ten percent of your weight. However, this rule is not infallible and doesn’t consider a few factors which could limit somebody whose weight doesn’t fall in the normal category.

To determine the right bowling ball, it’s important that you pay attention to your physical well-being and be honest about your ability. You probably can throw a sixteen-pound bowling ball once, and that’s impressive. But can you throw the same ball for multiple games without the risk of injury?

Also, can you throw it in such a way that multiple games’ tiredness can’t affect your shot efficacy? According to your weight, if you choose 16 pound ball and have a hard time throwing it, it’s wise to downsize one or two pounds.

In the end, your scores will depend on being able to throw a consistent shot at your highest capacity instead of starting out strong and burning out from tiring yourself out. In short, you should choose the right bowling ball that you’re most comfortable with for multiple games at a time and which also nearly weighs ten percent of your weight.

What Is The Average Ball’s Weight

It’s hard to determine the exact average weight of a bowling ball as bowlers come in all different shapes, sizes, and ages. However, if we look at the statistics, it’s safe to say the average adult male is comfortable throwing a 14-pound bowling ball. The usual range of bowling ball weight of adult males lies between 13 to 16 pounds.

But variance is always found because of upper body strength, pre-existing injuries, age, and overall physical condition. When it comes to the average female, 12 pounds is observed to be the most popular weight for an avid bowler who bowls at least once a week. The range of bowling ball weight for an average adult female is around 10 to 14 pounds.

It can vary with the same reasons mentioned earlier for men. There’s another rule of thumb for children to determine the bowling weight. For child bowlers, the average weight of a bowling ball directly correlates to the average age of the child. So, a six-year-old kid should throw a ball around six pounds; an eight-year-old kid should throw an eight-pound ball, and so on.

Does Ball Weight Matter

Absolutely weight matters, it is important for several reasons. If you think about basic physics law, the heavier ball in your comfort zone will have more momentum, therefore, more force on each throw because of the mass of the bowling ball. Throw the heaviest ball you can still control without a loss in the quality of your shot.

It’s all about comfortably getting the maximum force in each of your throws. By choosing the right weight, you can achieve the best blend of average bowling ball throw speed, revolutions, accuracy, and efficacy to get the best out of each shot and increase your scores by a good margin. Bowling ball weight is also important in a reverse manner. If you are trying too hard by throwing a heavy ball for your physique, your shot won’t be good, and you’ll waste energy with an incorrect form.

This eventually will not help your score and also bear the risk of injury if you’re not careful. On the other hand, throwing too much light can negatively affect a shot because it doesn’t give you the proper resistance and force necessary to get the best output possible for your shot.

The Limit Of The Lightest And Heaviest Bowling Ball

There are certainly a few options for toddlers that are slightly lighter than a normal bowling ball. The lightest weight found at most pro shops and bowling alleys is probably six pounds. These six-pound bowling balls are made for small children or people with severe physical disabilities who find it extremely difficult to throw normal weighted balls.

On the contrary, the heaviest bowling ball found in a bowling alley is sixteen pounds in most leagues sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress. This weight limit gives bowlers a range of ten pounds to choose a bowling ball.

Can I Add Weight To A Bowling Ball

Yes, you can add static weight to alter a bowling ball’s weight. But these weight alterations are either frowned upon or downright prohibited in most leagues. In fact, many pro shops will not agree to add static weight to your bowling ball if your preferred weight alteration isn’t aligned with normal USBC regulations. There is a legal way to alter a bowling ball’s overall weight displacement.

You can drill a balance hole into the ball. This hole will change the ball’s overall force metrics so that this alteration may maximize your shot pattern. However, there are very strict regulations for balance holes in the league and professional games. United States Bowling Congress sanctioned only an ounce of side weight, which is the displaced weight from the balance hold allowed in games.

If you’re like to compete in a league or professional game, you must check with your league administrators before making any modifications to your bowling ball. Otherwise, you may risk being disqualified for modifying a ball outside of regulations.


Are you still pondering what weight bowling should I use? We hope not. Remember to listen to your body when you’re in the lanes and use your judgment. Like throwing techniques, bowling ball weight is an essential element in your shot arsenal. Whether it’s your first game or 100th game, you can never shine in the bowling lane without the right weight of the bowling ball. So, take your time and find the right weight for you.

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