Where to Aim When Bowling a Straight Ball

It’s hard to get a good and convenient grip on the bowling ball when you have never played the game. With your frequent try and effort, you must get a good hold on your straight ball. But, where to aim when bowling a straight ball after ensuring a grip and control? Remember, having a good bowling grip isn’t everything; you must realize the target you have to obtain. You must fix your aim while throwing the ball based on the target. Today, we’ll discuss the techniques to hit the right spot on the bowling pins without missing the target. After you learn the bowling techniques, you’ll marvelously play like an experienced straight bowler.

Where to Aim When Bowling A Straight Ball?

Answering the question of where to aim when bowling a straight ball isn’t so simple. But, if you want to create maximum strikes and pin action with straight bowling, you must learn it. Before aiming for the bowling pins, you have to identify your bowling lane condition. Hopefully, you know that bowling balls create different actions in different lane conditions. You must also learn the straight bowling techniques that create maximum pressure on bowling pins.

Now, let’s learn what should be the main aim for delivery in bowling.

If you’re a right-handed bowler, your target spot should be between 1 to 3 bowling pins. Contrarily, your target must be between 1 to 2 pins when you’re a left-handed bowler.

How do you aim straight bowling?

Pin bowling and spot bowling are two major types of bowling aims. Naturally, the beginners aim for the bowling pins while throwing the ball, making sense. But your ultimate target should be spot bowling when making the shot. At the spot bowling, your aim will be according to the seven arrows of the bowling lane. Now, target the arrows that are far away from the foul line, (Almost 15 feet away) while aiming with the ball. It’ll provide you a better chance to consistently hit your target that’s 60 feet away from you. Targeting the aims becomes easier when you throw the ball down, and the bowling pins are 60 feet away. It makes sense that you hit the correct side pin that you aim for.

Additional suggestion

Aiming when bowling straightly somehow depends on your regular practice and frequent trial. You can’t create the same shot twice at the same time; the shot will vary depending on your throwing technique. Still, taking note of your standing position and approach area each time after the throw is suggested. The step will help to move forward to your target faster with continued practice. If you fail in your trial of targeting the pocket, you should switch your aim to targeting the next arrow. While changing the arrow’s target, you should also adjust the placement of your feet. Throw the bowling ball as naturally as possible and during this time, keep your torso parallel against the dominant leg. The step will help to create accurate pressure and concentrate on your aims more precisely. Also, keep your dominant arms straight and keep closer attention to the ball’s landing place.

The Sum Up!

So, where to aim when bowling straight bowling ultimately depends on your situation. The aim for the novice straight bowler will definitely be different than the experienced straight bowler. The novice straight bowler practices pin bowling whilst the expert one practices pin bowling. The pin bowling allows the straight bowler to target the arrows of the bowling lane instead of the bowling pins.

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