Why is Bowling so Expensive Now

Whether it’s a weekly hangout with friends or a date, bowling ensures a fun time for most of us. I hope you also find bowling entertaining. If you are aware of the cost, you may ask yourself why bowling is so expensive? There’s a lot of equipment involved in this game like pinsetters, bowling balls, shoes, etc.

And managing all this equipment doesn’t come at a low price. So, you may find bowling a bit expensive sport. We’re here to talk about that and more. Let’s find out why is the bowling game damn expensive now:

Is Bowling an Expensive Sport?

It depends on your comparison with other sports. For example, bowling is more expensive than running or soccer. But It’s not costly as sailing or hockey. Usually, bowling tends to be more expensive for a newcomer or casual player than a professional player.

This cost discrepancy is that casual players don’t usually own any necessary equipment. And that’s why they have to spend additional money to buy or rent essential equipment and components to enjoy the game.

Professional bowlers do not have to spend too much on bowling as they already have the necessary equipment. But bowling is one of the relatively expensive popular sports.

Find out why is bowling so expensive

What factors make bowling is so expensive? A few significant factors take out a good amount of money from your wallet. Let’s look at these factors which make bowling an expensive hobby than other sports.

Fewer Players than Before

Bowling used to be more prevalent around 20 to 30 years ago. The number of professional bowlers has decreased globally over the years. People consider it more of a pastime than an actual professional sport.

Still, avid bowling lovers and experienced bowlers participate in bowling leagues and tournaments. However, bowling hasn’t become an extreme or universally loved sport like baseball or basketball.

Since fewer people are visiting bowling alleys, bowling alleys charge more than other sport-related places. Owners need to keep the profit margin enough; otherwise, they will run out of business.

Luxury Bowling Alleys

Bowling is more of a luxurious hobby than a domestic sport. Bowling alleys are still common for professional and casual bowlers to learn and improve their bowling craft. But many bowling centers focus on being luxury entertainment centers where people hang out, eat, and bowl simultaneously.

People often choose bowling centers to have a good time with friends, occasionally throwing balls, eating, and drinking. Bowling centers are cheaper than dining in a restaurant, so many people bring their dates. It’s a common hangout place for families.

There are excellent LED screens with an automated scoring algorithm to make the bowling experience more fun. So, bowling has shifted to become more of a fun event than a competitive sport. And as it focuses more on providing its customers with a luxurious experience, so the overall cost has increased over the years.

Additional Equipment

Because of the additional equipment, you have to buy or rent and bowling becomes a costly sport. If you want to bowl professionally, you need at least comfortable bowling attire, high-quality bowling shoes, specialized bowling shoes, and wrist gloves. And there are a few other things you may need later.

On the other hand, a casual player may need to pay for house balls, bowling shoes, and other equipment from the bowling alley. A casual player actually has to spend more. So, whether you are a professional or casual bowler, don’t expect bowling practice to be cheap.

League Costs

Participating in a bowling league may sound like an excellent idea to you. If you are a good bowler, this is definitely a good idea but not cheap. Because if you think you can enjoy bowling with your friends in the leagues at a low price, you’re miscalculating something.

You may think you only have to pay around $10 a night to participate in a league; how can it not be cheap? Well, you haven’t considered the food, additional equipment, and other element costs, all of which will increase your cost up to $40.

Renting a Specific Space In The Alley

It’s not just the equipment like bowling balls and shoes in the bowling alley that make bowling so expensive, you’re also renting space for a short amount of time. No other player can use that place when you bowl in a particular area as long as you’re bowling there. So, you’re renting a part of the bowling alley, which is a factor in increasing bowling costs.

How to Save Money on Bowling Fees

We write this article not just knowing why and how this game is so expensive. But for understanding how to reduce expenses. you may take wise steps what can be done about it. You should be realistic and except that bowling is still going to cost some money.

Just to keep of the bowling alley open and for the use of space the need to spend money. So they need to charge. So you also have to spend some money. But you can reduce it. You need not eat the expensive food in the alley. Just play your game.

The greatest strategy to save money on bowling is to choose the day and time you are going to play. There is a certain period of time of the day when bowling alleys run slow. At that time they offer many special packages.

Some specials could offer you lunch or dinner or beverage with your bowling round. Some may offer two games for the price of one. They offer this for their promotion and by getting this chance you can save some money


Bowling is undoubtedly an expensive sport. However, if you strategize a bit on the equipment, you can still minimize the cost. We hope you understand the underlying factors which make bowling so expensive.

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